Friday, December 30, 2011

and it's a wrap...twenty-eleven

It's pretty  hard to wrap up
a whole  year in one post.
I'll try, though.

Here's an overview:
I've included:
 my favorite posts,
your favorite posts,
the most viewed post,
and the most commented-on post.
just for fun 
  a few pictures that I love.

 I've included links 
so you can go back 
if  you want to spend the whole afternoon here.

It was a great year
Thank you so much for being a part.
You encourage me more than you  know.


We started January with the pictures 
of my Miss Mrs G's vintage-style wedding.
Seems like forever-ago and yet just like yesterday, KWIM?
I do miss my little girl.


as I pursued my *new* farmhouse style


 if the  shoe's craft day

meet the grandkids

our prayers our answered


my most commented on post
and the one I read over and over...when the going gets tough

and you cheer me on
this is still a work in progress
more about that next week


another cabinet makeover

my most viewed post


hawthorne in bloom


I heart  peonies

Miss Gracie's and Friends 
vintage barn sale 
at my  place


we said goodbye to green

the story of my home


 a trip to my favorite vacation spot
portland, oregon

which  means Monticello


We had a great time 
hunting for treasures and yacking-it-up.

This came home with me and is still in the barn...
Guess what I will be doing January 2012?
yep, clearing a spot for it.


let the fun begin

back door  friends

family vacation to Lagoon



and here


the book that the Lord is using to  change
 my perspective and my heart

on giving thanks

where I sell treasures
the banners sold like hotcakes


our painting is completed

christmas projects

my favorite Christmas shots

I am so thankful 
for the Lord's protection and provision 
this year.
He has protected my family.
My sons have not been  injured seriously 
in their very dangerous jobs.

He has provided abundantly.
We  made it through the lean winter of the recession.
We have a new grandson.
We have a new grandbaby on the way.
My youngest girl is growing up more every day.
Relationships are healing
Hearts are healing.

Grace has been given freely.

It has been fun to go back and see what I have written.
This blog is about my passions.
I hope they do show through;
my faith,
 my family, 
my love of vintage.
Thanks again for coming along with me.
Happy New Year!

common ground
vintage post of the year

Charm of Home