Tuesday, November 30, 2010

winter white...

this is my outside world
a winter wonderland

I wanted to tell you about 2 new magazines.
 I am anxiously awaiting
for them to arrive.

It promises to be full of beauty.

Vintage Rose Collection Exclusive!

Special Edition

THE FEMININE HOME embraces the heart and soul of a woman. It is a singular place where loveliness resides and the language of romance and poetry lives; a home that coaxes an extraordinary life that is enduring, purposeful and distinctly feminine. Rooms are presented in noble sophistication that is rich in tradition, yet casually fashioned. It is pretty, not fussy, spiritual and earthy. Flowers are painted with sweetness. Decorative flourishes, ornamental borders, penned verses and tender poems all mingle to orchestrate a pensive bucolic beauty. Cottons and velvets, crystal chandeliers and whitewashed walls, scrubbed wooden floors, simple furnishings and objects from the garden; these are the elements that make a romantic home.
This is a gorgeous, full color 128 page magazine with thick, high quality paper, with superb printing (Best I have seen)! A special edition, one-time only magazine filled with beautiful romantic homes, painted roses, poems, and inspiring devotionals to nurture a woman's soul.
 This is no throw-away ladies- It is more like a book you won't want to put down. No advertisements or ads!  A keeper that you will go back to again and again for inspiration. Order your copy now while supplies last!

check it out here

I always get so many ideas from Porch
I do hope it gets here in a hurry
I'm ready to start my decorating
see it here

I have my chair reserved
for when they get here

Here are a few more pics 
from last year
They are inspiring me to get busy!

Tuesday, November 23, 2010


 They I will celebrate 

your abundant goodness 


joyfully sing of your righteousness.
psalm 145:7 

Happy Thanksgiving!

Monday, November 22, 2010

what now...

That was an exhausting week
I spent most all of it working 
on the holiday open house

I think it was more stressful than the wedding
was it that it followed the wedding?

I had fun pulling this together 
(the room desperately needed more light)

and this

I did enjoy the time spent  
driving and working with my girl youngin'...
she is a great help 
(especially with the drill)

but I did not enjoy the pressure of the clock
knowing I had so much to do and so little time to do it in

when I found out that that we re-opened at 4:00
and not 6:00 like I thought
I  had a meltdown.

It wasn't as full as I wanted 
I didn't  make anything christmas-ey this year
(I wouldn't even let myself surf  your blogs for ideas)

I  hauled over what I had 
relied on christmas lights
to say
it's holiday time.

a bit of red and black for tradition's sake

after 2 days recovery time
I am feeling a bit better
and ready to tackle this week.

on the list for  this week?

first and foremost is to prepare my heart for our celebration of thanks...make pumpkin pie... homemade fresh pumpkin pie...made with my girls...outside clean-up...I missed fall entirely...and have project stuff still outside...I have to get it inside in some sort of orderly fashion...and did I mention that we had snow here yesterday...that is a good week early for these parts...I am so not ready for it or the artic blast that is coming our way...I need to keep at the layers of stuff that got dumped after the wedding....I am so ready to turn my heart and energy back to home...and last but not least...I need to visit YOU...I have missed blog-hopping and hope to get some in later in the week.

have a great week  giving  thanks

Monday, November 15, 2010

just married...

mission accomplished

Mr. & Mrs. G

off to 

Happily Ever After

all went off without a hitch...all sweetness and perfection...only 1 almost  * mother-of the-bride* moment...  we survived...i am ok...i think...until i went into her bedroom and saw the empty closet...
oh, my...just close the door...

now,  on to the next thing...the christmas open house at the shabby house...how did it get to be time for christmas?... i really dislike this aspect  of retail...i am always a season behind in* real life* so this puts me 2 seasons behind..my heart is saying keep it  simple but my mind is racing because i want spectacular...we'll see which wins...
here are a few more sneakie-peekie pics  from the photographer...
don'tcha love this instant digital age?!

have a great week.
lotsa love,

Friday, November 12, 2010

it's almost time...

well, girls
it is almost time
time to give my baby girl away

as i sat through the rehearsal this evening
to make this time in our home last just a bit longer.

i wanna be honest about something
this last summer revealed some heart issues 
between  me and my girl
pulled  the rug 
right out from under me.

i knew that the only way i would ever keep her was to let her go.

hard stuff

so began a time to  build a  new relationship
a time to love 
with all of my heart, with all of my words, and all of my actions.

a time to send her off with all of my blessings.

 it is time to let go

here a few sneak peeks
be back soon.
because it  really is time for bed...
we have a big day tomorrow.

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

how sweet it is...

how sweet it is

to be loved by you.

 ~just a few of the sweet shots from the photo shoot~

Monday, November 1, 2010

shower of blessings...

 My dearest of friends 
her daughter
(my miss g's childhood bestie)

 threw miss G this  
gorgeous bridal shower

I was blessed beyond words

and touched by the beauty of it all.

it was a great opportunity 
to practice 
with my new camera

  the food was 


apple cupcake
with whipped cream

the blushing bride

Isn't she beautiful?

only 11 days...yikes!