Welcome to my little space
 that I call HOME.

I have a passion for all things vintage;
especially sweet, old houses;
with all of 
their stories, architecture, and charm.

This My beauty was built in 1912.
That's 100 years.
This year.
Happy Birthday...Let's have a party! Shall we?

 This photo (circa 1028) was found in the barn.
I love  the details, the gingerbread, the porches, the barn out back.

This is  how she looked 
when we  found her and made her our own in 1996.
She was pretty much stripped of her glory.

Do you see her potential?
You can read about how she came to be ours here.

Here she is in 
during  her extensive exterior makeover.

And here for the goosebump story
of how this came home.

Here she is after My MR 
worked so hard last summer (2011)
to repaint and finish up details.

We choose a soft white color
*antique white* from Kelly Moore.
We wanted a white that was a bit more romantic
yet still had the crisp cleaness of white.

This summer's project is to finish 
that front porch (the one with the leaning 2x4)
and add a porch swing.
Then you'll come  swing with me?
We'll have lemonade.