Wednesday, December 31, 2008


and how she came  to be ours.
We found the house
about 11 years ago.
We drove by this house was on the way to town.
It was obvious-
no one was living in it.

My husband found out who owned it (at the courthouse) 
approached her about selling. 
She told us NO (later we found out she had been telling everyone no, too).
My husband did NOT like that answer:)

So he asked "WHY"?

"There is too much junk.  
The house would take too much work to get it ready to sell"

How about if we do that? We buy it "as is"?

You would do that?

In a heartbeat!

I'll talk to my family.
Family says -do it Mom!

We met for a showing,
I saw the staircase...and that was it.
I was hooked.
THIS was my dream home.

And as they say
the rest is history!

Well, junk is right...
the whole house and
all 3 outbuildings were full!

Some good junque'
but also a lot of just junky-junk
3 yardsales later we were ready
to start working on our treasure

The previous owners had replaced
the the wood windows with aluminum side-sliders,
closed in porches, and
covered up the siding with aluminum siding.

We uncovered it all

bought new wood windows,

rebuilt porches,

added the turret,

and made it into our dream home.

Someday I'll tell you the story about the gingerbread trim-
it is a post of it's own!

God has provided us with this wonderful place
to raise our family,
to make memories with our grandchildren,
and to never run out of projects:)

Yes, it is indeed
Home Sweet Home


rosechicfriends said...

Oh Rene!
What a wonderful vintage lovely home you have. A lot of blood, sweat and tears I am sure have gone into creating just the perfect home for your family. What a great story to about how you got it!

Blessings Lorena

Elly said...

This is a dream-house!!! Just a little palace! Love the colors and the porches, gorgeous!

Paula said...

Dear Rene',

Oh! Your home is absolutely gorgeous! I am so thankful the Lord blessed you and your family with your dream home! The work you all have put into it is amazing... a real labor of love. The colors you chose to paint your home sweet home are just perfect, so Victorian!

I look forward to hearing about the gingerbread trim.

Thank you so much for sharing your beautiful home and the story of how it became yours. We love old homes and would love to live in one someday if it is the Lord's will.

The Lord bless you and your family as you make precious memories together, and work on those all those projects!

just being crafty said...

Just Beautiful!!! I love the story about your home. It sure is a Treasure!!!


leesiebella said...

Hi Rene!
WOW! Your home make over looks just adorable! Looks like a ton of work went into it, but SO SO worth the wait! Very nice! I love the colors you've chosen!

Thanks for sharing!

Di said...

Hi Rene! You're house is the ultimate trash to treasure project. I totally love it! Thanks for sharing! Happy Sunday. Di

Stephanie ~ Angelic Accents said...

Hands down the best trash to treasure I've EVER seen! Just beautiful! I'd love to have a home just like this some day!

Thanks so very much for sharing!

Angelic Accents

Christa from Chloe Rose said...

What a beautiful transformation. I would have loved going through the junk! It's a lot of work, but the discovery is so much fun....your house is gorgeous!

Smiles -

Chloe Rose


LOVE~LOVE~LOVE your house. I dream of having one someday! Great job.

Cindy@Cutepinkstuff said...

Oh my! Wonderful story and equally wonderful home! God truly blessed you with a Victorian dream house! My curiosity is peaked with the gingerbread trim teaser!

ricracsally said...

Oh my gosh--you WIN! :)

Jeanie said...

Unbelievable! I adore it!

fairmaiden said...

Home sweet home...yes it is! It is beautiful. Thank you for sharing it with us. Your family is so sweet.

Lisa B. said...

You guys did an amazing job!!! Congratulations!

lady jane said...

In my dreams.

You're blessed, Rene. hugs.

Mrs. MK said...

blood, sweat and tears, alright!

Great idea for trash to treasure! It really was a "junque heap"!


Pinkie Denise said...

Hello Rene',
So glad you stopped by to visit. I love how your name is spelled just like my sister's. I so enjoyed reading your post about your wonderful home. I too have a older home that we have been restoring for 16 years. It is a life long journey and a wonderful one. You have done a wonderful job on yours! It looks like
we like the same things and colors, yours is almost painted exactly like mine except I have rasberry pink also on the trim. Yes, I am so
greatful to my Father God for all the blessing he as given me and he knows are needs even before we ask...They you for sharing and I loved my visit here Pinkie Denise

Joanna said...

Rene, what an awesome house! xoxo, Joanna

Pearl said...

That is the best transformation I have ever seen! Great job! to you and your husband.