Saturday, December 27, 2008

winter bliss...NOT!

to get out of my driveway
with snow drifts.

After 30 minutes of battle
with the snow shovel, tears and a *few* heated words...

...I surrender

In pulls my husband, unexpectledly.
I ,kid you not, he had that car
out in less than 15 seconds!

All is well!

What was really appalling,
was the amount of
men driving by
in their 4-wheel drive trucks,
watching the lady (in her skirt)(me) and daughter
with snow shovel, obvioulsy stuck.
This is rural America.

Where have the gentlemen gone to?
(off of soapbox now)



I know that it must be frustrating to be live where it snows, but to a S. FL. girl it sure looks pretty! I'm glad your hubby showed up!

Andy, Nellie, Emma and Livy Coleman said...

Rene, I laughed and laughed when I read this note!! Not at your car troubles, that's awful but because I was one of the pickups that drove by!!! And I'm so sorry I didn't stop but I never drive in the snow alone, I was white knuckled and was afraid if I did stop, I'd never get moving again AND it occurred to me that I didn't know how to pull with a pickup! Haha. I need to ask Andy for lessons. :) He would have stopped in a heartbeat. Thank goodness for hubbies.

caren said...

I was stuck on a hill one time in less snow than that - and guess what? No one stopped to help!! What's happened in our world.

Thank goodness for husbands, but it is frustrating that they can fix the problem so fast - lol.