Thursday, December 18, 2008

christmas past and present #7

Baking Day

We cleared the island
(see yesterday's post)


made our traditional cut-out cookies.

Ian has to do everything the big boys do.

Ian and Auntie Gracie

Today we all went to Tasha's
She can't take the babies out


Cookies on the GO!

WE had a hard time getting started

Everyone really just wanted to hold the babies!

Brogan gets a bite!


fairmaiden said...

Your Christmas parlor looks like a magazine. It is very enchanting but cozy in white and gold and pretty. The tree in the post before this one is so pretty too. I'm with you in keeping it's all about comfort and casual with lots of cheer. I try to keep a merry heart and spread christmas cheer to everyone around...kindness, even more so, during this wonderful season.

I love the sentiments to your first born. Both my daughters are christmas babies...Holly Noel was born Dec. 26 and two years later Grace Elisabeth was born on Dec. 25th. So we celebrate not only the precious birth of Jesus but also the precious birth of our daughters.

colbycottage said...

We baked goodies today also,what fun and what a mess afterward! I am so glad to see your home is not perfectly put together in all areas. That is very encouraging. I seem to get one room clean and decorated and the other rooms look like a bomb went off. Such is life in a large family.Your parlor looks beautiful and I being a grandma really love the little three baby bottoms! Have a wonderful and blessed Christmas!! Kathy

lady jane said...

delicious adorablenesseseses :o)

love that you brought cookie makins' to the triplets home. love that you preferred to hold the sweeties rather than get started on cookies right away. love this post.