Wednesday, December 31, 2008

coming home...

Last week I shared the story of our home
the story continues....

This is a story of a yard sale
from a yard sale...

our house circa 1912

As far as we can tell from the old photos
the gingerbread was removed in the 30's.

All of the  original old windows and mouldings from the
redo in the '70's were being stored in the chicken coop
when we moved in.

but no gingerbread

We looked everywhere for it-
in the bstalls of the barn,
in the chicken coop,
in the barn loft
but it was not here.

Shortly after beginning the exterior makeover
we were having a yard sale of our own.
My husband was mentioning to our neighbor lady,
(my favorite go-to- find junque' lady)
about how we really wished we
had the original gingerbread .

She said" I have some gingerbread that I bought
at a barn sale
around the corner a few years ago."
"Would you be interested in it?"
We headed on down to her place
(ran is more like it!)
That kind of architectural salvage
is very hard to come by here.

How much?
"$300.00 for all 3 pieces..."
(my husband just reminded me that it was $100.00 plus stuff junk we traded from our stash)


Quick...let's make the deal.
And get it home and put it up.

My husband is heading up the ladder...
ya, it's dark...told ya, we couldn't wait:)

You will not believe this...
The holes for the nails are in the very same place!
(As in, the holes in the soffit and the holes in the gingerbread)

Hurry, dig out the old photos!

You guessed it!

It is the same gingerbread!

That barn burned down
shortly after Arlene bought these!

Doesn't that just give you goosebumps?!


Southern Lady's Vintage said...

What an awesome story! So glad the gingerbread found it's way back home! said...

That is such a lucky find!

Paula said...

Dear Rene',
What a beautiful story!!! I love how the Lord provides for all our needs and some of our desires too! What a blessing that your neighbor had purchased that gingerbread trim before the barn had burnt down. Your home is just beautiful and I know you and your precious family treasure it! I can just imagine your dear husbands delight when he saw the nail holes in the same spot!

Thank you for sharing!

Stephanie ~ Angelic Accents said...

How absolutely gorgeous ~ and what a great story, toO!!!

Angelic Accents


Oh my gosh what an amazing story, someone wanted that molding back where it belonged! Back home safe and sound. Looks so pretty too.
Hugs, Kelly

Mrs. MK said...

I love how he's holding up the gingerbread in the dark in the first photo, probably by the lite of a flashlight, right!! :-)

My Crafty Little Page said...

I love your house stories and that is truly is the house! Thanks for sharing. Nancy

Anonymous said...

That is what I call a God-thing!!! Awesome story! Kristin

Elly said...

Great post! Your Pink Lady is absolutely unique, I love her!
Nice story about the gingerbread, thanks for sharing, goosebumps indeed!

Teena said...

Serendipity is a wonderful thing! I love htat you call the fretwork 'gingerbreads'! It describes them beautifully. I'm intrigued by the chicken coop! It must have been palatial with the ovely old windows! Lucky chickens! What a beautiful home you have and what a lot of HARD WORK!! t.x

Joanna said...

I love your little chairs! Your house is wonderful! You're living the dream. :) good day, Joanna

Mya said...

What an incredible story. I love it. It looks just beautiful back in place where it belongs.


Oh my goodness I DO have goosebumps!!!! How very wonderful.... some things just turn out like they are meant to!!
I love seeing how the renovation is coming along... you should do a little mini House Journal with all of the photograph's, history, stories and your own personal journey... what a treasure it would be to you and your Family and possibly generations to come!!!


Oh I just saw the bed a few posts down..... I have a match that I just picked up a few weeks ago!!!! Yours is a twin ?? mine is a full!

Rosie said...

Incredible story! God is good!

amy said...

That is so amazing! God is good!

Just found your blog, very nice.

Cindy@Cutepinkstuff said...

Definitely a goose bump story! The gingerbread is beautiful and the history is priceless!

Donna Lynn said...

Hello Dear Rene!
I love this story, what an amazing blessing that is, to have the trim tucked away as a gift for you when the time was right!!! God is so good!
Thanks for coming over for a visit, I am so happy to be home and getting back on top of things here! I missed my hubby and the big boys, oh, and Teddy the dog so much! It was lovely to have the break, it makes you truly appreciate your loved ones much more! My garden exploded while I was gone too, the roses are just about to open up and everything looks so beautiful!
I missed you and your beautiful Godly spirit! So nice to visit with you this AM!

fairmaiden said...

goosebumps indeed. Amazing. The goodness and wonderment of God.