Friday, December 5, 2008

a shabby house christmas...

A few photos
from the "Shabby House"
holiday open house

cute birdhouse, huh Cindy?
I just love this dress
I'm wondering
it hasn't come home with me , yet...

Isn't that the most adorable little tutu?

These are just some of the reasons

I love being a part of this shop.

That, and Lesli and Lore,
they are just great to work with!
I just wish I would have had my camera
with Lesli running around with her curlers in
trying to finish getting everything ready!
I 'll be back soon with pics of my space.

1 comment:

fairmaiden said...

So pretty...those bulbs in the old white buckets are my favorite. I have an old white bucket...I should do that. I think my puppy might get into it though!