Saturday, December 27, 2008

tags, awards and such...

This award is from Fairmaiden

She shares perfect peace and beauty from her cottage.

Thank you for the sweet remembrance...

1. I'm short (to quote my daughter)-

the only time I crest 5' is with heels.

2. My career of choice is mothering and homeschooling.
We just began our 23rd year of homeschooling
(that's a long time).
It has become a blessed way of life.

3. I love old architecture.
I've been known to convince my honey
we *needed* to save a falling down house
just for the old door.

Needless to say, that door travels with us
from house to house
and is currently the door to our bedroom.

4. My current collection is old composition dolls

I looked around and thought how did I get all of these?

I guess that's how a collection starts:)

How could you not *love* them?

5.I just started drinking coffee when I turned 45-
but it has to be a mocha.

Have you tried Land Of Lakes dark cocoa mix?


6. My love of roses, dishes, antiques

and of all things old, pretty and pink

I owe to my grandmother... she took me to antique shows, taught me to garden, and the art of setting a beautiful table.

I think she would draw the line

at all of this white paint, though!

~This is her rocking chair~

This award I received from Gracey and Miss G

Thanks, ladies!

6 things I support:

1. femininity

2. marriage until death-do-us part

3. God -given responsibility to raise our children in His ways

4. children are a blessing, to be received as such

5. honesty, loyalty, and kindness

6. family togetherness...the family that works together, plays together, prays together...stays together.

If you'd like to play along...just comment here...I'd love to get to know you a little better, too!

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HI René,
Thanks for sharing little bits of you (; I missed a couple of your posts and just wanted to tell you how beautiful your home looks! I came back today to look at it again, I love how you decorate, I know i've told you this before but it is always so warm and cozy. My Mom left today and I am so sad, it takes me a little while to regroup and get myself back together, I already miss her and she has only been gone since this moring ); Take care and I'll be back soon!