Friday, December 21, 2012

'tis the season, part two

simple reflection 
is my decorating theme 
this year

my girls (mrs g and abigail) helped me pull it together

I am thankful for their encouragement

  (still love this little tinsel tree from target)

the reason 
for it all.

Wednesday, November 21, 2012


To give thanks

 is an action 


rejoice is a verb 

and these 

are not mere pulsing emotions

In the silent times : seek God

In the painful times : praise God

In the harried times : hallow God

In the terrible times : trust God.

And at all times, 

at all times

Thank God.

Ann Voskamp~One Thousand Gifts

Today, I am  reminded 



giving thanks

 is a choice.

I am choosing thanks, are you?

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

she's so sweet...

 Dear Abigail,

I am so proud of you. You please my heart sooo much. 

I love how you work hard for your team.
I love when you fist-pump.  I love how you run to the front of the line to congratulate the opposing 

( & winning) team. I love your laugh. 

I love watching you with your nieces and nephews.  I love that you serve others with your music.

I love the twinkle in your eye.

I love that we are going (together) today to your first make-up date. I love seeing your sisters and sisters-in-law as your *friends* on your first day of Facebook.
I love that you invited me to be your *friend*. 

I absolutely love the music you bring to our home.  
I love your gorgeous dark  hair and beautiful brown eyes.  I love your  style.  I love hearing you giggle with your friends.  I love your intensity. 

I love that you were born into our family at just the perfect time.  I love watching you shoot 3-pointers.  I 
love your faithfulness. I love your piecrust.  I love 
your innocence and purity.  

I love seeing you read your Bible at bedtime.  I love that you have answered the call of Jesus. I love that you are truly growing into a beautiful young woman of the Lord.  I love that you are my daughter. 
I love YOU.  Always. No matter what. 

 Yes, she is sweet 16.

Here's a glimpse of her party.

sweet and sassy
just like her

pink, stripey-straws
 pink candy
pink # 5

a vintage mustang...her dream car

Happy Birthday, 
my sweet, sweet  girl!

Friday, September 28, 2012

just sayin'...

I am coming out of hiding
to say thank you and to say goodbye.

White Wednesday 
has been an awesome opportunity 
 for me to share 
my white world with you.

So let's party one more time!

 I've gone through some of my files 
pulled out a (just a) few 
favorite white photos.

white lace

my white room re-do's

 (some) of my white pretties

 my white handiwork

 white christmas

 white celebrations

my  white projects

  *miss gracie's* white shopkeeping

 That's a lot of white


White really is my favorite color!

and now it is time.

THANK YOU, Kathleen
for your faithfulness
every week.

Good bye,

I'm gonna miss you.