Wednesday, October 24, 2012

she's so sweet...

 Dear Abigail,

I am so proud of you. You please my heart sooo much. 

I love how you work hard for your team.
I love when you fist-pump.  I love how you run to the front of the line to congratulate the opposing 

( & winning) team. I love your laugh. 

I love watching you with your nieces and nephews.  I love that you serve others with your music.

I love the twinkle in your eye.

I love that we are going (together) today to your first make-up date. I love seeing your sisters and sisters-in-law as your *friends* on your first day of Facebook.
I love that you invited me to be your *friend*. 

I absolutely love the music you bring to our home.  
I love your gorgeous dark  hair and beautiful brown eyes.  I love your  style.  I love hearing you giggle with your friends.  I love your intensity. 

I love that you were born into our family at just the perfect time.  I love watching you shoot 3-pointers.  I 
love your faithfulness. I love your piecrust.  I love 
your innocence and purity.  

I love seeing you read your Bible at bedtime.  I love that you have answered the call of Jesus. I love that you are truly growing into a beautiful young woman of the Lord.  I love that you are my daughter. 
I love YOU.  Always. No matter what. 

 Yes, she is sweet 16.

Here's a glimpse of her party.

sweet and sassy
just like her

pink, stripey-straws
 pink candy
pink # 5

a vintage mustang...her dream car

Happy Birthday, 
my sweet, sweet  girl!