Wednesday, August 31, 2011

so long, august

you've been good to me.
I'm gonna miss you.

I've done projects galore
I've spent time with loved ones
I've been touched by this book

I'm in training (learning) to see the beauty in every season

I'll be away from blogging for the rest of the week.
I have lots to do,
I've  torn my house apart working on projects.
You know, how it gets way worse before it gets better?
I'm at the way worse part.
We start school next week (it's one good thing about homeschooling all of these years...I have plenty on the shelf to do until I get it pulled together)
I need to paint stuff for the shop.  I've neglected it. See above.
It won't be  all labor...we'll play a little bit, too.
College football starts this out Georgia...

Enjoy your weekend,
See ya in the fall (next week)!

Friday, August 26, 2011

farmhouse family fun...

 last week we celebrated 
my Mr's birthday

(another item checked off the list-YES!)
all of the children and grandchildren 
came for dinner and dessert
22 in all, 
including my mom and aunt

we ate outside
it was hot
we followed the shade
decorations were  simple
I tried my hand at farmhouse style

I was flying by the seat of my pants
doing it as we went along
grabbing stuff from the *stash*
I enlisted help from the oldest grandkids
rumor has it  that I was a bit cranky
it was hot

perhaps I was

Did I mention, it was hot?

but then we ate
and all was good

simple food
simple decor
simple times

what says farmhouse
than drinking lemonade
from canning jars?

practical and cute

that's a lot of glasses
the little jam jars are just right for little hands

then there was dessert
key lime pie in a jar
(recipe from Sandi)

what kind of grandmother would I be
I didn't show you
the (grand) peeps

and the 
birthday boy

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

the girls room...

remember the list?
item #1

Re-decorate  my girl young-in's bedroom…it's time to make it her space… 

Today, I am going to show you the before's.

This bedroom has  and always will  be 

known as the girls' room.

As opposed to the boys' room.

Original, I know.

When we first moved into this house  

oldest girl (mrs mk) and miss g shared this room

then miss g and  girl young-in shared. 

I am a firm believer in kids sharing rooms.

It builds relationships,

allows for giggles at bedtime,


makes the children learn to share space together.

perfect training for marriage :)

(besides there  are never enough bedrooms for 5 children)

This is how Miss G and  I decorated the room
after mrs mk married.

 being the big sister (by several years) miss g  got to pick

the colors and decor


Even as a  young girl,
she loved the romantic look.
Remember the tea party?
And the wedding?
If you haven't seen it-go take a peek! I just did! Fun times!

these words remain 
painted by mrs mk when she was a teen  

above the closet

going out the door

We're making great progress with the new look.

We've been painting.


Are you surprised?
You will be.

Friday, August 19, 2011

come to my back door...

Everyone comes to our back door
It's just  convenient
Not sayin' that we don't have a great entry/front door
'cause we do
I'll show you that soon
when we finish 
on the front porch
(it's on the growing to-do list)
but I can cross off
painting the back door

Here it is

a few of you guessed the color correctly
were you peeking at my pinterest?

I took one of my furniture colors
painted, glazed, and clear-coated.

I changed out the door knob/plate
When digging through my box of goodies
I had these 2 choices
you can see which one I picked

I can't believe my painter MR.
let me have the one with sloppy paint
but he did

I am lovin' my fresh new look

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

monticello whites...

Last week, 
we loaded  up and headed out 
for our favorite vacation getaway destination
portland, oregon

first stop
monticello antique mall
 best antique mall 

It is always so fun to shop
there are so many familiar names,
great junk to be found
a plethora of ideas for display and decorating,
a view of current trends.
(They are always a step ahead of us)

this is my favorite

this is my favorite

 this is my favorite

no, this must be my favorite

maison douce and a thing for roses

really,  these girls are my favorite
they have that farmhouse, romantic style 
that I am lovin' so much right now.

and last but NOT least 
is our own Kathleen
She doesn't show us enough  of her booth

great stuff 

very nicely displayed

my favorite was this unusual scale

now for the very best part
Kathleen and I got to spend 4 whole hours together
(and talking-I don't think we ever stopped)
she took me out of town
to the country to an old barn sale
the kind where you have to dig for treasures
so dig we did
and that is why
 there aren't any pictures of us
we were too busy

 my finds
+ one very nice french-ey bed that is already in storage
(I promise to show you when it is all finished)

and this is what I brought home from Monticello
(I love it, Debbie!)

 where did I put this?, you might ask
and that would be a very good question.
one that most of my family will ask.
for  now, it's in the barn
the plan is to work it into my kitchen 
but  that will involve some re-arranging 
another project to add to the list...