Monday, February 28, 2011

nine is fine...

as promised

here is
my grandma-bragging post
(most of these were taken last fall at the barn shoot)

I call these little ones
the B boys
they are full of fun and sparkle

always three times the fun here

such a great bunch
it is so fun  to watch them interact with each other
and yet see them be such individuals

the triplet boys

 my lone grand-daughter
I do hope she will like tea...parties

and these are the
big boys

those eyes 
they melt me everytime

our newest little one
so sweet

Grandpa is thrilled
He has  his football team

They all live within 20 minutes
Grandma's House.

I am blessed

Thursday, February 24, 2011

playing catch up...

You girls just never stop...
always encourage me
always bless me
always amaze me

Your comments are straight-to-the-heart awesome.

I've been trying really hard to get back to your blogs

(I leave the comments un-modererated until I do)

on this one
I'm gonna have to push publish

There are too many.

you're awesome

 if you don't hear from me


I hear you 
next up:

was so sweet  to award me 
with this:

Thanks, Theresa!

check  her blog...she has are some great ideas.

Tell her I sent ya.

I'm supposed to tell you 7 random things...hmmm
I'm not very good at this...I'm gonna have to think ...
I have been working on my Etsy shoppe

a lot

I am on a mission 
to de-clutter
Believe me, I have a long  ways to go

here are some of my  new listings

and those shoes from a few weeks back?

They will be there (etsy) by tomorrow
So if any of you,  dear readers, are interested
let me know and you will have first dibs.
They will be $22.00 for the pair
or $12.00 for one
plus shipping
(I can't decide which way to sell them)

I really need to get back to work now.

Every flat surface I have
is covered
from all of the sorting I am doing.

mama and baby are going home this afternoon

Guess where I will be this evening?

I can't wait.


Tuesday, February 22, 2011

and we rejoice...

~ james curt~

 has arrived


3:10 pm

5 pounds 7 oz


rejoice with those that rejoice....

Thank you to all
of you saints
that have
along with us
on this journey of faith.

and now



 grandpa curt

a few posts back
someone asked if this was my first grandbaby
no, this
I was just in the process of doing a grandma-post
when we were interrupted with this excitement
I'll get back to it...soon
I've got great pictures to share of the whole gang.

Monday, February 21, 2011

oh happy day...

today is the day

her story  is here

For the Lord is good
His love endures forever
His faithfulness continues to

I am beyond excited...

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

do you have the fever?

not  bieber fever


 spring fever

 i do

just a little playing 
this week with the mantle.

Girls, this may be a record

christmas is put away

and the mantle is put back together.

 it's not even easter, yet.

Happy White Wednesday

P.S. You may think 
I'm a bit A.D.D. about decorating.
I am.

Monday, February 14, 2011







have a sweet day,
full of hugs and kisses
(another blast from the past)...
White Wednesday @ Faded  Charm 

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

if the shoe fits...


I found a bit of time to create today

I found these pointy old shoes a few years back
(and they just sat on the shelf)

I painted them white

and added pretties

 the right shoe

 and the left

The best part?

One thing...finished

I'm not sure where these will land yet

At the shop or etsy?

Either way...

It is a great fit!
linking up with 
vintage friday