Tuesday, March 30, 2010

easter whites...

Last year's
 Easter (eye) Candy

I'm showing you

 my Easter table and other decorations 

from last year

I can't show you this year's


it's still covered with tax info

and projects

and other stuff.

I'm glad I found this one

I had forgotten that I used the old sheet music as placemats
I like that...may do it again

here's another favorite postcard

and here is my favorite real easter candy

yes... marshmallow eggs...by the dozen.

Monday, March 29, 2010


It was a great weekend:
a drive in the country with my husband
hearts connecting
minds and bodies resting.
(My Miss G and #8 grandbaby)

time with family
a little basketball 
and some really good food

homemade (made by the sleeping beauty)  angel food cake...
Did you know that air can be soo sweet?

a sweet time of worship and teaching

veg. time on the computer

designing my new header

I'm ready to face my week
 my  to-do list:
1. prepare for our Resurrection Sunday celebration brunch
( does mean it is time to finish putting away the christmas decorations?)
2. a little spring cleaning...probably very little
3. keep working on the never-ending bedroom project...
(I'm not teasing you'all on that...I'm stalling)
4. finish taxes...yuck
5.get caught up on bloggy visits...a full-time job in itself :)

 these vintage postcard images
and your week 
as you prepare to celebrate grace!

Thursday, March 25, 2010

instant age...

Here's one of my bedroom projects

I've always loved Harrison Fisher's romantic artwork.

This  series is one of my all-time faves...

 a vintage copy for sale on ebay

I love the story.

I love the romance.

 I  love the purpose.
A few years back I put together one of my own.

1. I found a complete set of vintage postcards on ebay.
2. I. found a new frame at TJ Maxx with a 6-opening mat.
3. I added the little corners to the frame to add more detail.
4. I painted the frame and mats in my shabby white color.

I've had it this way for a few years 
but with my new room it was too white 
and not vintage-y enough

out came the coffee and stain again

I glazed the frame 


sprayed the mat with coffee 
so it would look like water-stains.

Here is the finished project...

this corner of the room

is almost finished...

Last time I posted about using stain and coffee...

I had you all fooled into thinking I  was *so brave*.

not brave

impulsive, maybe.
Seriously, though...

I know 


I can fix it

 if I don't like it.

Paint and Oxy-clean 

are my friends...

Thanks to Cindy
My Romantic Home

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

bedroom bits of white...

You know how 
greatest strength 
is also 
greatest weakness?

Yep, I'm there...
I am still working up in my bedroom

obsessing over details

trying all of the possibilities

would you just decide, already?

I am so hoping to finished 
for the  reveal 
next week.

I'm ready to move on.

Here's a shot of just 
of my projects.

Come see more on Friday.
I'll be linking up with 
 for Friday's
show and tell.  
Now, off to see more wonderful whites.

Monday, March 22, 2010

these are my people...

We gathered together on Sunday.

To celebrate with our children.

Our 30 years together...
I was overcome with gratitude.

My husband and I came from broken homes.
Homes filled with strife, drunkenness, and loneliness.
God has given us so much.
A deep, enduring love for each other.
A home filled with laughter and children.
Children who are best friends.
Children who love and serve the Lord.
Children who honor us.
This is grace.

We are friends.

We are family.

And now the the blessings continue ...
Are those not 
the most precious cheeks 
you have ever seen?
grandbaby #8