Tuesday, July 27, 2010

the very last corner...

I think this is it.
the last of my bedroom corners.

This cabinet was my mother-in-law's.
then mine.
then my mom's.
 mine again.
I love the victorian lines and carvings.
my husband-not so much.

I am thinkin' if we  take it 
down the stairs
 to paint
make it back 
the stairs.
Soo, I am trying it 
*as is*
with lots of white pretties 

lots of this going on around here

If you missed my bedroom
you can see it
that's it for another great white wednesday
hosted by kathleen
talk to you soon about wedding plans...

Friday, July 23, 2010

wedding bells...

will be ringing soon.

~ we are planning a wedding ~

My Miss G will soon be his Mrs. G

their rings of promise
his purity ring and her engagement  ring

November 13
we have lots to do

you can read about their courtship here

what a journey they will have

It gives me  much joy to see my girl so happy and excited...but...
I am her mama...and... I will miss this girl so...
she has added so much to our home...
a sweet smile, willing hands, friendship, laughter 
 delicious cinnamon rolls. 
 She has been my companion for so long...
but for now we are enjoying this time together.
  come along with us, k?

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

white light...

Just a short little post for white wednesday..
.my last post took too long :)
and we're  a bit distracted here with other things
things I will speak of in a few days
good things.
Happy White Wednesday!

I'm smiling...


my pity party is  over :)

it's time for me to walk my talk

I have been so encouraged these last weeks by 
your amazing words.
words that offer comfort
words of understanding
words from the word of words.

Your compassion is amazing;
even as some of you fight for your life
you took the time to comfort me.
How humbling.
How sweet.
How Christ-like.

As for  me,
I am doing better.
I can handle the 25K hospital bill.
I can handle my (paid-for) van
 blowing  the radiator and head gasket.
I can handle the microwave breaking...
It all just money
when the relationships in my life are not right
you might as well cut off my legs. and hands. and blindfold me.
I become useless.

There have been 
hurt feelings
poor communication.

It all came  spilling out  a few weeks back.
I did not see it coming
it  rocked my very being.
It went to the center of all that I am
a wife, a mother, a daughter, a homemaker, 
a creator,
 a business-woman, a blogger...
and left me re-evaluating it all;
Examining my heart.
what is real
what is emotion?
where does change need to occur?
this mommy business of love
is hard work
oh, so worth it.

my family is my passion

I have been  thankful for grace.
grace for  forgiveness for me, 
for all of my shortcomings; 
grace that I could forgive
when I was so misunderstood, angry and hurt.

And I am  so very thankful
 for my amazing Grace.

May she always know ...

She has my heart always.

Here are some  my pictures
my darling grandbabies.

Aren't they sweet?!

The triplets
 burst into tears 
when we lined them up.

I have such a great effect on them!

   Because of the LORD's great love

   we are not consumed, 

   for his compassions never fail.
   They are new every morning;

   great is your faithfulness.

   Lamentations 3:22-23

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

all i got...white wednesday

for today's post 
I dug into my files....

are  my most favorite  white pieces 
in my whole house...

my piano and my fireplace mantle

and a few pretties on top

I really can't put into words all that has been going on here
you really don't want to hear it.
let's just say 
it has been  is a time of growth.
when it rains ...it  pours.
my heart just isn't into blogging 
or much of anything
 for that matter.

We are afflicted in every way, 
but not crushed; 
but not driven to despair;

2 Corinthians 4:8

I can say  
how very much I am and have 
by your continued words of encouragement.

Who woulda ever thought?

Not me.

I thank you from the bottom of my heart...