Friday, December 31, 2010

i do, me too...

when a picture is worth a thousand words
when a daddy gives his little girl away
when the two become one

now we'll talk about  the stage:
she said 
i want old, chippy, white, and architectural
I said
how about this?

we started with the arched window 
(borrowed from my bestie)
backed with burlap
next we added 2 chippy doors

the sideboard/dresser is a piece from my thrifting,
that we shabbied  up
she picked it out from my stash

 it was her wedding present
I wanted her 
to be able to keep 
her  marriage altar
 as an heirloom

recognize the sconces used for the unity candle lighting?

yep, they're from my bedroom

next week,
 I'll finish 
showing you 
the rest of the decorations 
what we ate
come on back for part five.

This is a lot of work 
it's making me sort through all of those pictures
to pick out my faves.
By the way,
for any local readers,
jamie is an awesome photographer
we highly recommend her

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Thursday, December 30, 2010

it's a family affaire...

~the wedding party~

sister-in-law, baby sis, matron of honor-big sis, sister-in-law 

dresses: target online
sweaters: Old Navy, embellished with vintage bling

cousin, friend from bible college,brother,
 best man-dad, littlest brother

 shoes by converse

~ tender moments ~

~ the rest of the family ~

~ a little sister love ~

Grandma Rene' needed to buy these 
cute matching vests for all of the boys

and the dress for Madison.

we wanted  them all to be in the wedding
 but they were just too little
I  dressed them anyway.

this still makes me cry...
tomorrow, part three, the vintage-inspired wedding
**photos by jamiehudsonphoto
P.S. are you having trouble loading all of the high resolution photos...I'm having a heck of a time

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

here comes the bride...

 Part 2
I simply loved this dress
it was unique 
it was beautiful
it was  just right for her

 the bodice was spark-ly and pretty
 very fitted on her tiny waist

if you've been here long you've seen the photos
of Miss G 
in the pink car with her graduation dress 

this dress was  so her

so full of style
so different
but so feminine

 the tea-length was per-fect
for a morning wedding
and for vintage style

lacy white leggings 
it was November

 vintage jewelry:
earrings bought at Farm chicks from Lisa at A Thing for Roses
pearls from home...(thrifted)
and the brooch added from my Mom's stash of thrifted bling

she  combined it all...she's good like that

sweater: JC Penny 

she is so good at accessorizing

shoes: Nordstram's Rack
some of the cutest shoes I've ever seen
very uncomfortable

 enough of the shoes?

veil:  handmade by her sister

these just cause i think they're cute

and show all of the cute details
did i just say cute again?
well, it was

Remember the burlap bag?

 photos: jamie hudson photography
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