Tuesday, August 2, 2011

white memories....

a repost...

Today's white 

is a trip down memory lane


my miss g's (now mrs. g) 16th birthday party.

It was quite the production.

We My Mr. built 

the make-shift structure

just for this.

We had to *hang* a chandelier, you know.

An evening dinner party

on the lawn

Her sisters



 she had grown up with were invited.

Can you tell?

She is a detail person (like me).

We had so much fun working on this together.

The menu :

Homemade Bread sticks

Green Salad with Italian Vinaigrette

Chicken Parmesan

Penne with Alfredo sauce

Chilled Lemon Souffle'

Chocolate Truffle Tart

Fresh Raspberries

All from scratch

all by herself

Every year for her birthday

She would have *teaparties*

Pretty dishes and yummy food.

She is her mama's girl.

oh, how I miss those teaparties.

today's note:

your comments and concerns 

for my last post really did make me smile

I don't for a minute think I'm going to get it all done.

I am a list girl.

I figure if you don't aim at something, you'll never hit it.

the list is  my attempt 

to live on purpose

to slow down

to make people be first

to reclaim my home

many of the items are things that I haven't done in years

ever since I started the business

it has literally been years since I've had tea on my porch

to me, this list is a good thing.

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Crystal Rose Cottage said...

How pretty and how wonderful of your hubby to build a structure that would look like that! She must be very special to plan her own dinner and party and for it to be so lovely! The menu sounded so good!~Hugs, Patti

Amy Kinser said...

What a wonderfully beautiful party table.

missshawna said...

Oh how beautiful! The years go by much too quickly don't they. What a lovely memory for both of you.

Karen's Place said...

What a beautiful memory. After you last blog which I delighted in reading it and more delighted at the last line...and all the time I was ready to tell you PLEASE start with the tea on the porch first...love the sterling roses.

mudderbear said...

You really are quite fabulous,

Fishtail Cottage said...

So cute! i love this table & all the details! it's gorgeous!

Diane said...

I love her white 16th party. Absolutely lovely. Love all the pictures including the last one. I did think that was an awfully big list. We just have to keep working at it, don't we. Blessings, Diane

Trisha said...

I want a Birthday party like this!! Do you think it would be okay to plan my own 30th Birthday Bash that will happen in a little over a year?! I love how you and your daughter are so much alike...it is truly amazing the bonds between mom and daughter and I hope to have a daughter of my own someday that I can be as close to as me and my mom are. You are truly blessed!!


Ceekay-THINKIN of HOME said...

Such a darling party...I want one!

Unknown said...

I always enjoy your posts...Love all the whites, and I wish I could take pictures like you can...
It looks like a graceful life at your place...

Crystal said...

Happy B-Day to her!!! Looks like so much fun....so beautiful!!! I'm thinking I need to have a tea party w/my daughter's before it's too late!!!

Rose Petal Hollow said...

What an amazing party that must have been. I would love to have a tea party with my lady friends in a pretty setting like that.

Anonymous said...

Good Morning to you,
That is the prettiest 16th i have seen,how beautiful to have an evening dinner party under the sky,love the pictures and the menu,
By the way lavender ice cream is divine,
Love Kristina x

It's me said...

Wowwwwww...what a great party !!...love Ria...xxx...

Kelly said...

Very, very pretty! I bet that was a fun day!
Thanks for sharing.

FlowerLady Lorraine said...

What a delightful, lovely memory for all of you.

You inspire me and I wish you happy, peaceful days, doing what you can to make your home even more lovely and loving than it already is.

Love and hugs ~ FlowerLady

Sandi~A Cottage Muse said...


foreverdecorating said...

That set-up with such beauty it brings in this surrounding, would make me want to leave it this way all year! I can dream, can't I.

Angela said...

Beautiful ! This is definitely magazine material. Such a lucky 16 year old.

Shannon@Cozy Home Scenes said...

The table looks beautiful and the menu sounds delicious. I would like to be invited to a party like this! Shannon

Cottage 1945 said...

That is a party of dreams. So lovely! I also read your post about the to do list-it is never too late to start. Mine is huge and it hasn't been started yet either. How to you eat an elephant? One bite at a time. I'd start with tea on the porch though if I were you!

A Southern Rose said...

Oh, everything was so pretty for her 'sweet-sixteen' party. I bet y'all had so much fun and looking back at the memories, I'm sure makes you smile.

Lee Laurie

Sue said...

Everything, and I DO mean everything is absolutely beautiful!!

Take care, Sue

Pearl said...

Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment, though i don't always leave comments I have to tell you I have enjoyed your blog for a very long time. I love the beauty that you create it's always a joy to visit. Hugs, Pearl

trash talk said...

This is the stuff that will make us smile in our old age (whenever that may be) and happy that we chose to live out loud.
P.S. As I sit here eating my bowl of raw carrots...I'm thinking a chocolate truffle tart would really hit the spot.

Rosemary@villabarnes said...

What a beautiful setting. Great for any party. Lucky girl!

podso said...

What a wonderful memory you all have of this special evening. All your work made it even more special! It's all so pretty! I thought I commented on your last post, but I read today:"To live with a high ideal is a successful life. It is not what one does but what one tries to do, that makes the soul strong and fit for a noble career." E.P Tenney, many years ago... :-)

About Southern Belle said...

What a beautiful outdoor party! Just breathtaking!

GwendolynKay said...

What a gorgeous and lovely white post. I would love to have some of the deliscious dessert on your menu.
Thanks so much for visiting .

Gail Griner Golden at Gail-Friends said...

like mother, like daughter! Such a pretty party table, and I love the chandy!

SImple and Serene Living said...

I love the table. What time does the party start 8-)

Ivy and Elephants said...

What a wonderful party. I love how you have everything decorated. All the best to your daughter. This is fabulous.


Alicia@ eco friendly homemaking said...

Oh my goodness what an awesome party!! It looks so amazing and oh so beautiful!! Wow that menu sounds so delicious. She sounds like a wonderful cook!!

Gracefully Vintage said...

just Beautiful or I should say Breathtaking...
Thanks for sharing such Inspiration..

savvycityfarmer said...

such a beautiful sight to behold ...

Darla said...

How impressive!


Wow! This is just the most gorgeous outdoor setting! Everything is just perfect! I had tea parties for our daughters every year when they were growing up. So much fun and great memories!
~ Julie

Anonymous said...

Oh my..What a beautiful party that must of been..Not a detailed missed..Love your blog..You have a great weekend..

The Charm of Home said...

OHHH! This is awesome! I so envy you! I had all boys, and I would so love to have a party like this for a girl! OHHH. Someday maybe a grand daughter. If I can still get around! LOL Thanks for linking this to Home Sweet Home!

lvroftiques said...

What a beautiful setting for a party! I'm sure it's one she'll never forget. Vanna

Lovey said...

Beautiful memories shared...

Anonymous said...

What a simply wonderful birthday party!! The tablesetting is soooo
gorgeous...love those plates and the pitcher, creamer and suger bowl. I can't believe your young daughter cooked all that fabulous food by herself (she IS like her momma) The canopy surrounding the table is the finishing touch! Also,
I think your roses are beautiful..
Every time I look at one of your posts I admire them..such a full, luscious, unusual-looking color!
Thank you for sharing...I always enjoy your posts!!
Have a happy week...Francy

Debra@CommonGround said...

What a wonderful setting, and how sweet that your girl wanted to do something for others on HER birthday! thanks for sharing the inspiration of her day. xoxo Debra

Paula said...

Hi sweet Rene`, What a beautiful tea party!!! I love those pink trimmed dishes with the roses! I know you and your sweet girl have the most wonderful memories of this time… and many others! The entire scene is gorgeous and so special!

I am a big list girl too! I do hope you will take some time to enjoy tea on your beautiful front porch with your sweetie! You deserve it! I always think of the verse, Be still and know that I am God. Sometimes we just have to make ourselves sit still for awhile. xo Love you dearly! Paula

Courtney ~ French Country Cottage said...

Absolutely gorgeous!! Such a beautiful post and photos! Thanks for linking up at Feathered Nest Friday! :)

stefanie said...

that is sooooo sweet and a memory she will have forever!!!!

Lynn said...

Just happened on this beautiful post of yours. I love the setting, the table, the beautiful delicate china, the chandy outside. A dinner party for a princess. However, what caught my eyes and made me gasp was the WHITE treadle sewing machine. Now I am totally kicking myself for selling my treadle years ago when we did not have room for it. I was totally country, spinning wheel and treadle had to go for lack of space. Since I am now cottage and white have not thought much about it until I saw your WHITE one. I totally LOVE it in WHITE. Lacy and beautiful. I was also on other posts, hot and cannot sleep, even with the a/c on so I am blog hopping, lol. I love your house painted white. Back door is so charming. I loved it green but somehow the white is just better. Blessings,