Monday, November 22, 2010

what now...

That was an exhausting week
I spent most all of it working 
on the holiday open house

I think it was more stressful than the wedding
was it that it followed the wedding?

I had fun pulling this together 
(the room desperately needed more light)

and this

I did enjoy the time spent  
driving and working with my girl youngin'...
she is a great help 
(especially with the drill)

but I did not enjoy the pressure of the clock
knowing I had so much to do and so little time to do it in

when I found out that that we re-opened at 4:00
and not 6:00 like I thought
I  had a meltdown.

It wasn't as full as I wanted 
I didn't  make anything christmas-ey this year
(I wouldn't even let myself surf  your blogs for ideas)

I  hauled over what I had 
relied on christmas lights
to say
it's holiday time.

a bit of red and black for tradition's sake

after 2 days recovery time
I am feeling a bit better
and ready to tackle this week.

on the list for  this week?

first and foremost is to prepare my heart for our celebration of thanks...make pumpkin pie... homemade fresh pumpkin pie...made with my girls...outside clean-up...I missed fall entirely...and have project stuff still outside...I have to get it inside in some sort of orderly fashion...and did I mention that we had snow here yesterday...that is a good week early for these parts...I am so not ready for it or the artic blast that is coming our way...I need to keep at the layers of stuff that got dumped after the wedding....I am so ready to turn my heart and energy back to home...and last but not least...I need to visit YOU...I have missed blog-hopping and hope to get some in later in the week.

have a great week  giving  thanks


Unknown said...

You have been through a lot this summer....I love reading your blog...and enjoying your pictures.

Sweet Old Vintage said...

It looks stunning to me... Wishes sent to you for a very blessed and abundant Thanksgiving my friend... Make sure you take penty of time to just enjoy...

Sandi~A Cottage Muse said...

Hello Rene...your booth looks wonderful, warm and inviting! I was in the midst of a booth makeover and did not have many Christmas items myself for our open house. Getting that done before the snow flies here was a big deal and I am so thankful for the help from my handy honey!

Aelwyn said...

GORGEOUS! I love your light addition!

the old white house said...

It looks just beautiful! I love the light, what a genius idea! The cupboard with the music paper is perfect with the silver hanging in front of the shelves. It really is breathtaking, I'm sure it was even prettier in person, it was I'm sure a success! Theresa xoxo

fleurcottage said...

love that decor...esp the crib mattress lights - tis lovely!

Debra@CommonGround said...

Rene, it's all just beautiful, love the silver and all the white! And I've missed your daughter's wedding posts so I had to catch up! She is just the sweetest little thing. I know you miss her.
Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

Sue said...

Everything looks absolutely awesome! Now you can kick back and hopefully enjoy the holidays. Oh, I forgot, that requires us to do just a bit of work as well!

Take care, Sue

Mammabellarte Rita Reade said...

A lot of work and it is beautiful! Have a wonderful Thanksgiving Ciao Rita mammabellarte

melanie said...

It all looks!!! what gorgeous pictures...and how peaceful it all looks. thanks for the inspiring photos...I think I am ready to pull out some holiday!
Happy Thanksgiving

sherry said...

truth be told by moi .. ?
i think your 'shop' is perfect. it's the right amount of fluff.
too much and i want to skidaddle.
less is more for me, but that's just me. LOVE the lights in the springs! wow! that's my favorite. well, actually, it's all my favorite but the lights in the springs is my favorite of my favorites. :o)

now. rest. please. if just for a few hours - put your cute lil feet up and close your peepers.

may your Thanksgiving Day be drenched in delight.


Unknown said...

Ohhhhhhhh..... There is so much to want here! :) Love the cot hung with lights! Those old ice skates.... LOVE IT!

I hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving!


A Southern Rose said...

Well...I think it all looks gorgeous! I love everything that you have done.

Happy Thanksgiving!
Lee Laurie

Unknown said...

Rene, congratulations again on your daughter's wedding. The girl have style. You give me hope, if you survived a wedding and a huge sale I should be able to do it. I have tentatively schedule my grand opening for the first weekend of December, at this point, I don't know. One scary thing is that in business you can't be re-scheduling, moving up and canceling things. I hope you can say a prayer for this Texarican, I need as many as I can get. Your sale... you don't know how much I wish I live closer, I will be the first one in line. I hope that the sale was everything you need it to be. Have a blessed holiday, I better get my butt back to work, blessings, Marta.

Sandi said...

This is all just beautiful Rene! I am in AWE of it pretty! I need to get some bigger pieces for my booth. Maybe I can work on that after the holidays.
Happy Thanksgiving!!

The Gilded Cherub said...

Hi Rene, I am new to blogging about 2 weeks now and just came across your blog! Oh so pretty, I love the pictures and your holiday open house looked beautiful. I will be putting your blog at the top of my favorites... very pretty! Have a nice Thanksgiving..

The French Bear said...

Wow, what can I say, fabulous!!!!! I want everything!!!
Is this your store? I had no idea you could put so many beautiful things in one room!!! You must be looks absolutely gorgeous!!!!
Margaret B

Donna@Conghaile Cottage said...

"I AM your newest FOLLOWER"... I happened over from "SOMEWHERE", and I LOVE what I see... "COMFORT"!!! I'm hoping you will visit my BLOG and choose to FOLLOW, I DO see we have LOTS in common! "Happy Thanksgiving"...Donna

Anonymous said...

Just like a kid at Christmas, I could'nt get enough of your wonderful blog. I love all the wonderful whites!
Blessings,Becky R