Thursday, September 15, 2011

seeing the whole picture...


my love/hate relationship with blogging

I love blogging.
Blogging is good for me
Blogging makes me go out of my own little world;
out of my comfort zone

 Blogging  makes me look for beauty

even when the bigger picture looks like this

To be honest,  much of my life  looks like this
(we're still working on painting the house)
a pile of unfinished  projects

every now and then I feel the need to  'fess up
let you know this

lest you think I have it all together.

I don't.

To be honest, 
I'm drowning right now in unfinished projects,
including blogging.

I hate that I feel so behind.

I think I'll focus on this right now.

thank you for the sweet words regarding my last post...I'm not really that close to either situation...they both just really touched my heart.


Angela said...

Thank you, thank you...I needed to know that there's a chance I may be normal after all.

Rebecca said...

Hi Sweet
You and me girl! Still working on my studio and sifting through stuff!
Did I mention a lot of stuff...

kpaints said...

Focus on what you really need to get done...winter is coming...we will wait. Life is more important. Enjoy it!

Clara {Clover and Violet} said...

Love your roses!!

Victorian1885 said...

I love visiting your Blog.. such beauty! We all have unfinished projects and dreams of completing new ones. You are not alone!! Enjoy your weekend ahead my friend!

FlowerLady said...

Dear Miss Gracie ~ We all have our up and down times. I can easily get depressed by looking at all of the 'have it together' blogs. I'll never have it all together. We've got projects that are several years being in the process. Life is filled with lots of 'stuff' that happens and you work around, in and through it all.

My heart goes out to your two friends as they deal with the heartbreak in their lives.

May you feel the love and peace of God surrounding and flowing through you at this time.

Love and hugs ~ FlowerLady

Diane said...

I'm just happy to hear from you when you do post Rene. It's hard to not have unfinished projects when you do so much. Now and then it feels wonderful when you get something finished. Your roses are beautiful and they look just perfect against that green. Have a good evening. Diane

Amy Kinser said...

I am praying for balance in my life. I want to always put God first. When I get up more eager to check a blog than to get into the Word, then my balance, my priorities, are way off. That is what is real with me right now. Thankfully, I recognize the problem and know how to correct it. I am thankful that God is so quick to forgive and that His grace is abundant.

Lori @ Katies Rose Cottage Designs said...

Rene you honestly have made me feel so much better about myself ~ I was just getting very frustrated because I haven't blogged in forever, my house is still in upheaval from our bathroom having to be ripped out ~ I have projects literally everywhere ~
I actually was having anxiety attacks in the middle of the night because it felt like it all was caving in around me ~

Hugs from a very understanding friend!

Rhonda's Rose Cottage Designs said...

Hello Dear Friend , I have not visited since the Mr.'s post and might I say first THOSE SWEET GRANDCHILDREN ! Your dear family !!! I'm so thankful for your blog ! First a journal of your life & times ! Then the post on the heaviness of a Mother's heart , oh I will be praying for them too. If not for your blog would you have known them ? Would we be praying ? God is good. Your lovely peaceful photos of the cabnit cards & your tags & the vintage clothes such peace to our souls.Then your post on drowning in projects . Oh yes I understand I do. It is the life of a doer.SMILES ! I love it! Could you ever imagine no being a doer Renee ???? God made you this way ! We all love , LOVE & Celebarate you! Cheers my busy friend . Your blog shows us the pretty pics we love.You do have it together ! I get people who think I might have it together too! HA HA HA HA HA . Boy that's funny. You give us such joy to visit this peaceful place . Finish what you may when you do.Blog when you can & we will love it & celebrate your beautiful life your lovely family ,your glimpses of God working in your life right by you at your side always in your heart ,I know he is always there . Your life & blog shows this what an important work you do.We love you do not forget that ever!Hugs, Rhonda

Linda said...

So real life, Rene...and boy can I relate!

Ivy and Elephants said...

Hi Rene,
You have some of the most beautiful creations in blogland. Everyone knows to make the cake you have to break some eggs. Your vision and spirit are pure and magical. I would gladly climb over boxes and sit on tin cans just to sit in your home filled with love. Don't beat yourself up, we all have a few unfinished projects to complete. You'll get there, ... and it will be beautiful!

Crystal Rose Cottage said...

I feel the same way. I love blogging too but feel too bogged down with other projects and it can be overwhelming to just get it together to do a post. You are in good company! ~Hugs, Patti

ThereseMarie said...

I live a life of unfinished projects, as well, but I love it! There's always a new craft, a new technique, a new vintage piece to highlight or alter. Life is an unfinished project, and if you feel you've done it all, you are probably not living life to the fullest. I love that you share your unfinished processes with us - I feel less alone, more understood, as I seek to try more art, more projects, new techniques borrowed from new friends!

A Cottage Muse said...

Feeling way behind on projects around here too Rene. I get side tracked by blogging alot and now that I've joined Pinterest...forget it!

Lovey said...

I haven't blogged in a while and I miss it. I have many projects too unfinished...Big smiles and here's to getting through them. said...

I have a ton of projects going on too. Hey, maybe we can start a club:) Love your pretty roses. Have a wonderful weekend:)
~Debra xxx
Capers of the vintage vixens

Faded Charm said...

Oh Rene, how I can relate. I'm drowning especially since school started again. Today is the first day I am home with nothing to going on and that's exactly what I'm doing.....which makes me feel guilty because there's sooo much to do:-(

I hope you find your balance and pray that I find mine.

Take care my friend,

Elaine said...

Wee all have unfinished projects.. I thinkmine is the spare bedroom that's I ve used to store things.. I can't find the bed sometimes. Ha

podso said...

These photos are a great example of what blogging can be--letting others see what we want them to see. The whole picture is really different. It also demonstrates the joy/fun of cropping a photo!

Carole said...

I know of what you speak. I feel so behind and yet here I escape in blogland just so I can see some pretty. Too many projects going on at home and at work. Ok it's 9 pm...guess I should go back to unpacking some merch.

Hope you see the light at the end of the tunnel soon.

If you want to feel better I can show you my uggy pics


Adrienne said...

Oh, my friend - I'm there, too. Identifying with the thoughts your shared.

Sandi said...

Our houses aren't supposed to look that way?? *chuckle*...seems there is always a mess around here...somewhere. That is what comes along with being a creative person! I have learned to adapt. :)

mudderbear said...

I hope you keep blogging. It is so helpful to me, who has very little talent for accomplishing such great things. And perhaps the cooler days of September will give you new vitality. I hope so. I love to see your posts.

mudderbear said...

I was just scrolling down your site and it occurs to me that if we are happy and busy we will always have lots of unfinished projects going on. It's symbolic of vitality. We should be glad for it.
Keep up the good work. You're giving a lot to the rest of us.

mudderbear said...

P S I love that old weathered door on your house. It reminds me of something, somewhere that was wonderful.

~Gardener on Sherlock Street said...

There are always unfinished projects. That's why I make lists. So, I don't forget where we are, but you need to enjoy the roses!!

Sugah Beez said...

Some days I feel like the poster child of unfinished projects, eek! How wonderful it is to have blogging (and pinterest, haha) where we can find beauty in the midst of this crazy, busy world.

I love your blog and I love that you share the ups and downs - that is real. I recently started reading the 1000 gifts book too. I LOVE it! When things get crazy {as they often seem to do}, it is nice reflect on the simple joys.

Big hugs to you ~ xxoo Heidi