Tuesday, January 4, 2011

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the wedding, part five

When we first started talking wedding plans
on the top of Miss G's wish list was:
fun and different
 a morning wedding (10:30 am)
with architectural and vintage details

right up my alley

Did you know there is a DIY category in weddings?
What other way is there?
We do everything ourselves

  our main resources:
Miss G is the church secretary and does  graphic design
so we used her designs as much as we were able

and my stash of thrifted junque'

we were definitely on a budget
we  bought something 
 if it   would be re-used 
for something else after the wedding
or tried anyway
our theme began with the invites

Miss G designed  them 
with a kit from Target

the welcome

the gift table
arch borrowed from the shabby house

 glittered ~cards~ in a vintage suitcase

we started with the sanctuary looking like this

we moved all of the chairs
and set up mis-matched tables
all-in-one ceremony and reception

we used lace tablecloths that I had and 
ones I  picked up during the summer's thrifting
we paid less for them than renting  would have been

 place settings:
Miss G designed the coffee cup jackets 

and placemats
( that were also the programs)

these were at each table too

for the centerpieces I just started gathering


and more stuff
every table was different

 flowers: dried hydrangeas
they were the perfect finishing touch
at each table

 and on the stage

in keeping with our fun, different, morning theme

we choose to have a 
coffee bar

krispy creme donuts


yogurt parfaits

made from yoplait vanilla yogurt
frozen fruit
topped with granola

we had to have a bit of  chocolate

chocolate covered espresso beans

 the bride and groom table

 ~cake topper~

the traditional 
~cutting of the donut~

to go with the breakfast theme
for the send-off

are you still here?
there have been 900+ pics to sort through
I'm almost finished
one more installation:happily ever after
and then we'll move on...
the  sick bug has hit and I've spent the 2nd half of my christmas break on the couch so all of my projects have come to a halt...all those new year resolutions are gonna have to wait:)
talk to you soon

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...Miss...Maddie's... said...

I have to admit this is one of the most endearing wedding plans I have ever seen.
From the donuts right down to the sneakers... and the dress on that beautiful bride, it is wonderful.
Thanks for sharing.
Susan x

Sandi said...

Oh Rene how cute and so, so beautiful!! I love your theme and the cheerio send off!! You should be a wedding coordinator/decorator!!

Becky C said...

Rene, this has been such a treat viewing your sweet daughter's wedding! She is so blessed to have a mom like you. Every little detail is just stunning. Please submit these ideas to some magazine and share for all to see! I am so very impressed with the entire event. Just gorgeous!!
Blessings to the bride and groom
And to you too-feel better soon :)
Becky C

Ceekay- Thinkin of Home said...

I am absolutely over the moon crazy over this wedding. Adorable. The guests must still be talking about it!!

Garden Antqs Vintage said...

I want you to know I am already gaining inspiration from your daughter's wedding for our son. Even though they've talked marriage, he's yet to pop the question, I feel it's only a matter of time. I've already showed them your invitations :) Hope you have a blessed year and will be waiting to see the other 900+ pics.

podso said...

Sick bug here as well. I have been enjoying your wedding photos and story so much! I love all the little thoughtful details. I'm sure a wedding no one will ever forget.

I thought of you when I found one of those plastic rain bonnets that you fold up and carry in your purse. I was cleaning out at my mom's. Vintage for sure. I showed some of the younger generation and their eyes were wide with "What?" It would go with your pink car for sure!

Karen said...

Just gorgeous and stunning,I love evEry aspect of it,magazine worthy!!!

Kathie Truitt said...

This has been so adorable. I can't wait to see more.

Gail Griner Golden said...

I am enjoying this wedding almost as much as my own daughter's. She did her's very differently, too. I just love all the creativity ya'll have. Please share "all" the pictures. My daughter and I are having so much fun seeing them.
Shalom and blessings to you and yours,

Adrienne said...

Oh, I have loved every minute of the wedding but I think this one is my favorite. Almost wish I had a wedding to plan and a bride who loves to do something a bit different! Thanks for sharing - looking forward to the next installment. Get well, my friend!

debi said...

First let me say, your daughter is adorable and made a beautiful bride!

Second, those are some of the most original, creative, and fun ideas I've seen for a wedding! Your guests must surely have had a wonderful and memorable time!

I love the vintage decor...and the whole breakfast/coffee bar theme is so creative and fun. And my jaw dropped when I saw the cheerios! LOVE it!
I only wish I had another daughter to plan a wedding for!
Thanks for sharing your amazing photos.

Alaina said...

This is one of the prettiest decorated weddings I have ever seen. So much thought went into all of it and to be able to reuse all of it is amazing. I will be going back and looking at these pictures again.

A Cottage Muse said...

Hope you are feeling better Rene...

This is the sweetest, most beautiful wedding I have every seen!!!!! I love how her vision came to life!

salmagundi said...

I've enjoyed every post about the wedding. This is the most fun wedding I've seen in ages. Congrats to the happy couple. Sally

glenda said...

It's all so fun and pretty and wholesome...wonderfully and beautifully done. I love the way you do things...you make it look so easy...and I know how much work it really is...
She's a beautiful girl and I hope only good things for them all their lives. I know how much you miss her at home. We married off three daughters ourselves.

from me to thee......... said...

LOVE every bit of this wedding, so original, beautiful and just plain cute. smiles, Linda

~Sheri~ said...

I can honestly say that is the most wonderful wedding idea that I have ever seen.....i m blown away by the vintage details and the coffee bar...makes me want to get married again...if for nothing more then to have u design my reception...ha ha! Beautiful... i would expect nothing less if u had a hand in it :) should b in a bridal magazine......

The Tattered Cottage said...

Rene -
I have so enjoyed seeing these beautiful photos! The newlyweds look like they had a perfect day. The centerpieces, alter, and all the special touches are gorgeous!

Cindy said...

So creative and original...I just love your pictures!

Kristen said...

I took a page from your daughter's book and did my Valentine's decor in brown and cream. It was romantic for a wedding and looks great for V-day.

Thanks for sharing the lovely pictures. Sorry you have been ill. My family has been too. I have it now.


Annie Louise said...

Oh my, I am loving all the updates. Everything looks beautiful, great choices were made. Thank you for sharing all the inspirational pictures and details. Congratulations to the bride and groom.

jAne said...

i must say that your daughter's wedding is THE MOST creative, well put together and amazing weddings i've had the pleasure of viewing (if only through photographs and your sweet words). i'm floored. love. it. all. seriously. big. time. much.


Sweet Old Vintage said...

This wedding was so charming and had so much talent in creating... I love it... After being a florist of 25 years and seeing many weddings...yes some were not so pretty ... this one is wonderful... Your fingers and all tht you touch becomes enchanting... I love that and love your sharing... so sweet....

vintage girl at heart said...

oH MY Goodness Gracious....this has to be the most Darling Wedding ever!!!
Love it!!
I keep going back to look at everything again and again....Miss G did an amazing and unique job on all of the graphics!!! I can tell she gets her creativity from you!!!
I think every little detail is so precious!!!
The centerpieces..card suitcase..altar..just every little thing was perfect!!
May they have many happy "sharing of the donuts" in the years to come!!!

vintage girl at heart said...


Pamela Gordon said...

I'm commenting again today to say that you are amazing and talented and so creative! Your daughter's wedding is worthy of a magazine shoot. Honestly! Can't wait to see the final installment. I hope you are feeling better :-)


Beautiful wedding.............You all did a great job I think this is how all weddings should look like.....HUGS MARY

The Green Pea said...

The wedding was so beautiful and interesting. Special, yes it was. Thank you for sharing the wedding and all of the lovely photos. sandi

Liz said...

WOW! What a beautiful/FUN FUN FUN wedding!!! I am so showing this to my daughter. I love every thing!!!

Thanks for sharing all your ideas! :)


Passionate for White said...

Oh yeah... I'm still here and wanting MORE!!!

Adrienne said...

I just love it. Your ideas were brilliant! I love the idea of a morning wedding. What kinds of things did you do to pass the time? My son gets married this Saturday and I am looking forward to having fun and making memories.


Tarnished and Tattered said...

Goodness, this must have taken forever to load! I'll bet it took awhile.
Okay, down to business. I love this for so many reasons.
1. Because they look so happy! So young & in love. The world at their finger tips. I wish them the happily ever after they deserve.
2. You both get A+++ for creativity. Never seen a burlap & coffee/donut themed breakfast...but I LOVE it!
3. Y'all proved that you do not have to spend $100,000 on a wedding to make it fabulous & beautiful.
Great job to you & your precious Miss G!

Tammy said...

I can't begin to express how beautiful these pictures are!!! SO, So, neat and vintage and lovely!! I sure wish I could have had you do my wedding!! : ) How clever you are!!
Hope you feel better!!

licha20 said...

how lovely this wedding is and all its decorating !! Just love it!!! Please share ALL your photos with us.
I am not new to your blog but new in commenting. I have to say this wedding just did it to me and I had to comment. Beautiful Bride and beautiful place!!

Harriet said...

This is just Awesome. I love everything about this post. Great job! Beautiful photos.

Rose Garden Romantic said...

All I can say is WOW!!!! You did such an amazing job!!! Everything is so beautiful! I really love the table centerpieces! You can see how much thought and work you put into this!!!
Oh no...now I'm craving Krispy Kreme! Michelle

Curtains In My Tree said...

That was fabulous!!!!!!!

I loved everything you did so original for them only

I am so in love with your ideas

I want a party just like that Vintage and full of LOVE

Suzann said...

The pictures you have posted are so beautiful!!! What a wonderful idea!
Thank you for sharing
And wishing the Bride and Groom many happy Years!!!

Debra@Common Ground said...

What a couple, Miss G really knows how to pull off an amazing wedding and reception. Just darling! I've so enjoyed seeing all of it. And the Cheerios, how cute!
Thanks so much for linking up, I love it!!

Sherry said...

This is fabulous!! I think you need to be featured in a magazine. Contact Eddie Ross he is looking for stuff like this! http://www.eddieross.com/eddie_ross/ He made a call for submissions this week on his blog. Your wedding is just perfect.

Heidi Meyer said...

This is the dreamiest wedding ever!! Maybe my Mr. Wonderful will want to renew our vows, lol.
Happy New Year! Heidi

Kimberly Jones said...

This is one of the most gorgeous weddings I've ever seen! My mind is reeling with all the inspiring details! I'll be featuring your post on my blog DIY Weddings at CraftGossip later this evening. Thanks for sharing such a special day with us, and congratulations to the happy couple!

Anonymous said...

You two have got to be the best wedding planners I have ever seen!
Everything looks so vintage and
so well put together. My daughter is
not into vintage so her wedding was
modern!though it was nice, wish it could have looked like this !You could start a business! Congrats to your girl and her wonderful mom!

Molly said...

This was such a wonderful post that I think I have been back to read it (all!) about 3 times already. This time around a lightbulb went off right at the beginning with the wonderful banner for the getaway car. Do you know what that font was or is it a trade-only type that Miss G was able to find? For my daughter's wedding we have found some lovely free graphics in that style but need a font to go with them for other signage and hope to be able to access that one.

Your blog is always so inspiring to read and I thank you for all the time and love you put into each post even though sometimes they may be difficult to send out into the world. You seem to be one of those lovely souls that many are attracted to and love to call 'our own' and please know that even as strangers we still think of you and yours as family and keep you in prayer.

Kim @ Cheap Chic Home said...

Hello, I was referred over here by Suzyq. We are planning a June wedding for our daughter - yours is so beautiful and unique, what a lovely and thoughtful job you've done. The photos you highlighted are just perfect. You must be proud, happy, and a little tired :).