Wednesday, December 16, 2009

christmas past and present #9

Our First Christmas
As a family

The Christmas season
a time to ponder
the baby born to us.
The baby, Jesus.

My Christmas season will always
include remembering this baby.
My beautiful firstborn
My beautiful daughter
who has brought me so much joy
and has taught me so much.

That first lesson in overwhelming love.
A lesson in God the Father
giving his Son.
Happy Birthday, dear Kate!
We're off today for a girls' day,
lunch and Anthropologie (my first time!)


Pink Slippers said...

What a beautiful picture to hold and cherish.

Cottage Rose said...

I hope you have a great girls day out. I love the photo what a great first family photo. I have been looking at the photos of your home and how you decorated it, it is just so lovely, you have a beautiful home so cozy and warm and very welcome looking.

Have a great week.


sherry said...

Such a sweet picture. The look on your face is one of adoration. :o) Sweet baby.


The three of you look so sweet and innocent!

vintage girl at heart said...

Just beautiful!!!! Have a wonderful day!!!
(that photo looks like me at about that stage in my life, I will ave to find one to share with you)

Seawashed said...

This is precious. Your baby Kate is beautiful...I'm in awe of her beauty. It reminds me, stirs up those feeling, of a precious newborn.

Both my girls we're born at Christmas...the first 'Holly Noel' on Dec.26, the second 'Grace Elisabeth' on Christmas. Precious gifts indeed.