Thursday, May 24, 2012

baby bump...

Last week, I took an evening to take maternity photos
for mr and mrs g
I need to hurry and post ...her due date is tomorrow!

Before you were born I carried you
under my heart.
From the moment you arrived in this world until the moment
I leave it,
I will always carry you
in my heart.
-- Mandy Harrison 

A great Joy is coming.
author unknown

Is her name A_________ or is it M______ ?

I think they're leaning towards M______.

 Life is always a rich and steady time
 when you are waiting for something to happen or to hatch.
-- E.B. White, Charlotte's Web

"The instant of birth is exquisite.
Pain and joy are one at this moment.
Ever after, the dim recollection is so sweet
that we speak to our children
with a gratitude they never understand."
Madline Tiger

We are in the final days, 
when I go to bed with the telephone close by,
wondering at each ring if it "is time?"

I am remembering my moments of giving birth.

I am terrified for my girl, knowing what she will endure.

I am confident that she can do women for all time have done it.

I am excited beyond measure to see my girl with her girl in her arms;
knowing that she  will never be the same.
knowing that she will now experience a love that I have only been able to tell her about,
with words that were completely inadequate.
(I tear up just thinking about it)

I am thankful for the One who created motherhood,
and who has my girl and her girl in HIS hand.


marie said...

Beautiful post...both the photos and the words.
God is so good!

Anne said...

What a beautiful post.Lovely photos of your daughter and son-in-law.This brought tears to my eyes.I know you are so excited.I am excited for you too.What a true blessing.

The Feathered Nest said...

Oh sweetie...she is just GLOWING!!! And what gorgeous photos to have too ~ I wish her a very easy delivery with everyone healthy and happy!!! Please keep us posted ~ hugs and love, Dawn

FlowerLady Lorraine said...

Beautiful photos, filled with love and happy expectation.

Love and hugs to all of you,


Unknown said...

Oh GOD exciting and beautiful and fun for you all!!!
Stunning and real pics. Just breathtaking...

Candy said...

How very sweet. I love the photos. Best of luck to you and your girls. 8-)

chateau chic said...

Life is truly a precious gift from God. How blessed this baby is to already be loved by such a wonderful family. I'm so happy for you!
Mary Alice

" SHABBY JUNK" said...

Just beautiful, enjoyed the photos. Congrats!

Pamela Gordon said...

Oh my goodness, little Miss M may already be here! How exciting for you! I wish your daughter and son-in-law all the best and for a safe arrival of a healthy babe. We are expecting our second blessing in late July. Being a grandparent is the best! Ours live across the country so be thankful you are nearby and can visit, cuddle and spoil as often as you want! Blessings! Hugs, Pamela P.S. I wish I could go to your amazing sale! All the best with it.

Anonymous said...

so. very. thrilling.



Unknown said...

Oh How exciting! Great photos!

Shabby chic Sandy said...

You are an awesome photographer. These pictures are priceless! Your daughter will do great. I had 42 hours of labor with my first--and then really quick with the other 3. We all live through it, and forget the pain. Can't wait to see baby pictures!

Lisa~A Cottage To Me said...

That was so beautiful! Congratulations to you and your family!

Sheila Rumney said...

What lovely photos and how exciting that you are going to be welcoming a new bundle of joy!

On Crooked Creek said...

What a beautiful post to welcome your granddaughter! Lovely couple! You can see the love flowing from one to another and for their unborn child! Truly a blessing...

Gardener on Sherlock Street said...

What a sweet post and the adorable photos!

All the best for the new little family.

FredaB said...

What a beautiful time for you all and the young couple look so happy. Those little shoes almost did me in.

Having a baby is a little easier now with all the meds, etc. so hopefully it will be better for her then in your day or mine.

Will be looking for the picture of M
to appear.



vintage girl at heart said...

she is so lovely and looks so much like you and her sisters!
i have been thinking of her and you..blessings and prayers for this new life. can't wait to see photos of that sweet baby!

NanaDiana said...

Oh- this post just brings me to tears, too. We are awaiting the birth of grandchild number 11 -a first child for our youngest son.

Your daughter looks just like you- she is just beautiful- xo Diana

Wild Oak Designs said...

How very exciting!! It is an odd feeling for me to be the older adults as the children are now grown and having children!
I just had a post about my daughters' friend who came over to visit with her baby....
when did I get this old??
Blessings on your family!

Victorian1885 said...

Your Sweet Girl looks so much like her Mom! So Pretty.. I hope your precious little Grandchild arrived safety! Take care. Hugs,

Seawashed said...

Oh my goodness where has the time gone! It seems only yesterday that you told us she was expecting. A truly beautiful time in your lives. God bless you all. ox

Linda @ Itsy Bits And Pieces said...

What a beautiful post, Rene...babies are such a blessing! Sending prayers for a quick and safe delivery! XO

mudderbear said...

Those photos are so awesome. You have a beautiful daughter who looks just like you.

EllenaElizabeth said...

Such excitement. Hope all goes SUPER well for all of you. I just went through this with my daughter in February. She lives 3 hrs drive away and luckily I had gone up early as she had Master E 9 days early. I took some shots of her with his name in baby blocks, it's so cute to look at now. Once again, all the best with the birth and beyond. PS She read the same book as your daughter is holding.

Anonymous said...

very beautiful

Adrienne said...

Beautiful! There's no safer place for our dear ones than in the hands of the Father.

trash talk said...

Precious Baby A/M won't be the only crying at her arrival. So much love patiently awaiting her entrance to the grand stage I call life. Blessings to y'all.
P.S. Her parents look like sweet babies themselves, but didn't we?

Sandi~A Cottage Muse said...

So exciting Rene!
They are just beaming!
Can't wait to meet the new bundle of joy!

Sandi said...

They look so happy and so cute Rene!! Can't wait to hear the good news!!

Lady Courtney said...

Beautiful Post! And such a wonderful time for all involved! My first grandchild was born 7 weeks ago, and another on the way less than two months away. I think this is the most wonderful part of parenting, to see your daughters (and sons) have children of their own, it's like the circle is complete. ENJOY!

Karen's Place said...

What a beautiful post today. Filled with Love & Joy for "M" We are excited to be on baby watch as well. June 1st our next grand-daughter scheduled arrive, but we know baby girl doesn't know that :). Best wishes and much happiness to you and your family.

Jenny @ Faith + Pearl said...

Wow....that brought tears to my eyes. Such a beautiful post, beautiful photos, beautiful quotes and such love on their faces. Thank you for sharing this precious time with us. And congrats on your new grandbaby! :)


from me to thee......... said...

simply beautiful post !!!! sweetness, youth, & love...what a wonderful combination !!!!

Art and Sand said...

Today is my baby's birthday - 31 years old. She is far away so we only got to talk and the phone, exchange a few birthday pictures from the past and a video of Paul McCartney singing "You Say It's Your Birthday". I can vividly remember the day she was born.

It goes way too fast!

Cindy said...

How very exciting for your girl and for yourself and your husband.
You have taken some gorgeous photos!
Happy grandparenting!!!
Hugs, Cindy

Debbie Demmers said...

Beautiful pictures...has the little one arrived?

Ele at abitofpinkheaven said...

So sweet!

Leah C said...

Beautiful photos of a beautiful "baby bump"!