Monday, October 19, 2009


A phone call...noise...then silence.
Minutes that seem like hours.

My daughter was talking on her cell phone to her boyfriend when there was a lot of noise. the phone went dead and then no answer. "Mom I think Tyler was in a wreck...what do I do?"

Fear comes...all the things it could be...imaginations gone wild...what to do?

Do the next thing.

Our family has seen plenty of loss and heartache these past 5 years...
no rose colored-glasses anymore.

Think on what is true (phil 4:8)
What is true?

God is good... God is in control.

Does that mean nothing *bad* happened?
No, it means God is good, God is in control.

Minutes seem like hours...finally the next call...everything is Ok-Tyler rear-ended the car in front of him.

Thank you, God.
God is good...God is in control.
I wait for the Lord, my soul waits,
and in His word I put my Hope. Psalm 130:5


thepaperroSe said...

Praise God...the one thing we can count on...HIM...He is so faithful!

sherry said...

So glad he's all right!

God *is* good and thankfully He *is* in absolute control. No matter.

Bless you,
jAne at tickleberry farm

Sandi said...

So thankful Tyler is OKAY!! Praise God for watching over him.
I did that once. Allysha was with me and I was taking her back home. Was almost to the big city of Ann Arbor, Michigan and I looked down for 1 second and the next thing I know I look up and BAMM! We were going very, very slow because traffic was almost at a standstill and yet the horrific noise and jarring jolt it made. Oh my. No one was hurt, but it shows just how fast things can happen.

I was also talking on a cell phone and drove right through a stop sign once. That gave me a wake up call fast! I immdeiately put the phone down and quit that conversation. They are nice to have and use, but not when driving as they are too distracting.
I just head a news report that people who are texting while driving are just like being drunk as far as accidents go. One young lady had texted her mother that she had some exciting news to share and that was the last words ever. She ran into a stopped truck and was killed instantly.
Please everyone out there be careful with those cell phones.
ps Sorry I rambled on and on...didn't intend to. lol

stefanie said...

sooo lucky

Jan's Blog said...

My heart was pounding... I'm so glad that it wasn't anything serious. I'm terminally ill, and I know fear, and I know that God is good...and when things end here I'm so excited to go home to Him!Wishing you and yours all His blessings!

Pauline said...

What a blessed relief!!

podso said...

I was hoping his cell phone battery went dead ... so thankful with you for the good news and appreciate your perspective of waiting on our Heavenly Father.

Seawashed said...

Thank you Lord that he is okay.

What an important post to remind us how to trust Him in all situations and stay calm.


My goodness! I am so glad he is fine. I'm sure your nerves are frayed. God is good and in control! Me thnks you need a good vacation!
My Very best

Lenemora said...


It is soo good when everything goes the right way.
But God is good and faithful anyway!

Hug from Lenemora

vintage girl at heart said...

Thankful that he is okay....

Ele at abitofpinkheaven said...

Thank goodness he is alright.
Panic is terrible to experience. So many close calls with cell phonese.