Tuesday, October 13, 2009


OK. I've put this off long enough:)
1o honest things about me.Thanks again, Gale and Kathleen for thinking of me.
1. I've been walking with God since high school...
My hope is in Him. Him alone.

2. I've lived in a 60-mile radius all of my life...I'm a country girl...

I love to go to the city to shop (thrift) but take me home to my quiet.
I really am just a homebody.

3. I've been a homeschooling mom for 23 years...doesn't that sound like a career?
I gave up my nursing license way back in 1986 to stay home with my children.
A decision I have not regretted for even 1 minute.
Homeschooling has brought blessing
beyond measure and imagination
to our family.

I do think a *gold watch* is in order at retirement, though!

My youngest is in the 7th grade...so 5 years to go.

4. My tongue is too sharp and gets me trouble. I don't want it to be.
God is teaching me...through the lessons of life...ouch!

More leaning to walk in grace.

5. I love...chocolate, hamburgers and french fries,

and about anything my Miss G bakes for me.

See # 10. It doesn't work for this...just keeps it somewhat in check.

6. I hate change.

Change of any kind. Change of jobs. Change of relationships

and please don't change the spagetti sauce recipe.

7. I love a two-year old's hand in mine. I love hearing *thank-you*, grandma.
I love being a mom. And I love old pick-up trucks.
I love to decorate.
and over the top.

"How am Isupposed to relax when I know this couch
would look so much better in the opposite corner!"

8. I hate the empty-nesting process.
I hate flippancy about having babies..
I hate wishy-washy-ness and I hate hot flashes.

9. I am for the most part a pessimist.

The rain on your parade. The *let's be real* part of the family.

Except for Miss Gracie's...then all I see is potential.

Oh, and when I see an old house that needs to be *rescued*.

10. I don't like to exercise but I do it anyway...to help with #9.
Endorphins are my friend.

But I can't go look at furniture within 2 hours of exercising...
because then I can fix anything!

There you have it. More than you really wanted to know.
But they do help us to know each other a little better.
If you'd like to play along, leave me a comment...
and I'll come on over to your place to get to know you better.

See ya'll tomorrow for White Wednesday...


Faded Charm said...

Thanks for sharing al little about yourself Rene. You sound like such a wonderful person and I hope we can meet each other someday when you're in Oregon junking.

Enjoy your week.


podso said...

You made this even more interesting with the way you interwove the old photos! I could say ditto on most of these (except I am still working part time as a nurse, and probably didn't have as long a homeschooling span as you did, with only two!)

Sandy~Romantique Inspirations~ said...

Miss Gracie, It is so nice to know just a little bit more about you. Your a Great Woman, a woman who has her priorities straight!.... and that is wonderful!

PS- I don't mind going out to the city once in awhile, but I surly love coming home to the quite way of living too-

Big Hugs-

Sandi said...

I think you are my long lost twin! I share so many of those traits too. I am supposed to be posting on this too , but just have too much going on that I have not gotten it done. Funeral Thursday so please say a prayer for my cousin.

I hate change, and yep I am the pessimist of the family. Gotta keep it real. I have seen too many homes get broken up over the fairy tale they want and can't have because life for the most part is not a fairy tale.

Your family is so lucky to have a mom and wife who cares so much!!

Sweet Old Vintage said...

You and your family are fortunate to love and share with each other.... Many blessings have been given to you and you are aware of your beautiful life and will be blessed with more because of this.

vintage girl at heart said...

I loved hearing about YOU!!! I am right there with you on so many levels.
You are Blessed and we are for being able to share into small snippets of your sweet world!!!
((How is MRS G??))

Pauline said...

Dear Rene, thank you for sharing your like and dislikes with us. I'm so with you on the exercise bit :o)

cindy-stitches-n-stuff.blogspot.com said...

You sound like a very cool person.


Anna Whiston-Donaldson said...

This list is so much fun and lovely too.

Just A Girl said...

Oh Rene`, this was so much fun learning all these facts about you. I noticed some that we share...hot flashes and love of old houses + that exercise thing + many more :-). It's always fun to learn new facts about bloggy friends.

Oh! And your whites above are simply dreamy in all their sepianess (is that a word)?

xoxo Cori

Alice Grace said...

What a lovely post! This is my first time to visit you and I am enjoying the journey!

Janet Happy Girl said...

I just want to know if you ever got your "gold watch"...sounds very deserving.

Rose ~Victorian Rose ~ said...

My friend, and I am going to call you that...because you and I could be INSTANT friends, we are so alike...we could skip the first few awkward weeks ...and just get on with it.~ Truly, we have so very much in common...other than I have never home schooled..
~~~But I will tell you this ...EVERY SINGLE child and family we have ever met who are home schooled..are so very, polite, sweet, considerate of each other...and helpful to their siblings...and respectful to their parents.~~
I could go on forever. I can see why it has been so satisfying for you.
I have just joined by blog..and I would love to have you join mine if you have the time and interest in doing so.~~
I don't know how I have missed you Blog thus far. ~~ But have only been blogging for about 2 months now.
With love,