Monday, November 7, 2011

quick question for y'all

I need help!

I have been trying without success to transfer images...using the citrasolv and other techniques but it is not working.  Which brand of printers are you using?  And which method?  The Shabby House holiday open house is Thursday...I am scrambling to get things finished.  Thanks for any help...I'll be back soon.


Anonymous said...

Villa Barnes uses a method whith the 'Splendid Blender' pen, that seems to work quite well.
here is her tutorial:

sincerely, Ingela of sweden

Unknown said...

did you know this on ??? I take it and for me it s good, big hugh Kathrin of

Susie~From My Home To Yours said...

I can't speak from experience, but I think the key is to use a lazer printer for your graphics.

Hope this helps,

the old white house said...

I am only leaving a comment to tell you of the irony of this post... I just logged off of the citra solv page because I was trying to find out where I could find some! I haven't tried it yet, but desperately want to. i have read that the printer must be a toner printer, such as the type kinkos has, not our ink jets. I will stay tuned to see if you get some expert advice. Good luck at the show! t.xoxooxo

WHITE BARN said...

Hi~ I have read a lot about this just last eve...they say to use the CONCENTRATE Citra-Solv and also make sure you have the image printed from a TONER printer from a copy place or library ..check and make sure the printer uses TONER not ink ..also I have heard over and over to only use high contrast black and white prints ..that muted tones dont show as well make sure that you print it in B&W or grayscale ...also do not saturate the print ..but instead lightly dab it with the brush til it is see through ..then barnish with back of spoon !

Hope these tips help you !!

Rhonda said...

Pretty sure it needs to be a laser copy that you print a little darker than usual.
Hope you figure it out.

Sandi said...

Well the only method I have used is the modge podge and I have a ink jet printer, but laser works much better so I am told. Good luck!

The Decorating Diaries said...

It has to be a toner based laser printer. I used the UPS store copy machine, but I had to try several places before I found one that worked. Good luck!


luverlie said...

Iron muslin onto freezer paper, cut to 8 1/2 x 11, then run through your printer. usually have to put on 'best print'. and most generally any kind of printer will do.

if using solvant or contact paper, you have to have a laser printer or print from copier that uses toner.
ink jet or desk jet printers do not work for this type of image transfers.

hope this helps.

Maison Douce said...

Renee, I have had luck with citrasolv... I have my copies made at the local UPS store which has lazer printers. Good luck!

Anonymous said...

They way I understand the process is you have to take your image to a printing place that uses a laser printer not an ink jet. Someplace like Kinkos. I tried it with my home computer and it didn't work for me. Hope this helps. Debbie at My Shabby Roses has done several pillows. If you still have troubles check with her. She's a sweetie and I know would help :)

Unknown said...

Sorry gal,
I don't have a clue...

WhiteWhispers2u said...

Hi~You have to use a printer with a toner.Most at home models do not work,older ones in stores or print shops do.Best of luck~Cheers Kim

marga said...

I have a HP al in one printer and i use transferpaper and 'n great! Succes.
XXX Marga

The Tattered Cottage said...

Rene -
I was just looking into citrasolve earlier today and Ticking and Toile has a great tutorial. Here's the link:

When using this product, you have to print the images on a printer that uses toner. It will not work using an inkjet printer. Hope this helps.

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