Tuesday, November 25, 2008

preparing for the feast, part 1

Have you ever had fresh pumpkin pie?

It is quite easy.
I learned how
during what I call my
*Little House on the Prairie* days
and the taste is really uncomparable!

Quarter the pumpkins
throw them in a roasting pan,
(seeds and all)
Add 1 cup water to pan, cover tightly.
(with a lid or foil)
Bake 350 for about an hour, until tender with a fork.

Scoop out seeds
peel skins
and process until smooth and creamy.

There you have it~
ready to go!

We use *pie* pumpkins

they are sweeter and not as stringy as *jack o'lantern* types

We also do up quite a bit and freeze what we don't use for Thanksgiving

for more pies, muffins, and cake.

Tasty and easy!


Pink Slippers said...

That does seem so easy and I bet very YUMMY! Thank you for sharing this.

One Shabby Old House said...

There is nothing like fresh!
Thanks for sharing.
I will have to try that sometime.

sherry said...

i've never done this and can only imagine (at this point) how the taste is more rich and real than canned pumpkin. heavens yes!

can you share your recipe for pumpkin pie using the fresh roasted pumpkin? thanks so much!

happy thanksgiving, dear friend.

vintage girl at heart said...

Yumola!!! I am going to have to try this for my punkin' bread!!! I have seen recipes where you can use the puree to thicken' chili and soups too..... hmmmm have you ever tried it??