Saturday, June 14, 2008


These are some of the things I worked on during the movie!
I've had the cake domes for years
and never had done anything with them.

I also finished up some furniture

to take over

to The Painted Chair

This piece ended up at Gayle's in her guest room.

soo pretty-it was hard to get rid of

soo soft pink and dreamy

I'll be back tomorrow for show and tell
our topic is flea market finds
the kind that made the heart go
pitter patter!


Candy- A Pretty Home said...

I Love everything especially the cake domes!!! SO pretty :)


Paula said...

Dear Rene',

Everything is so pretty! You did such a beautiful job with all of it. Thank you for sharing. You always inspire me.

I look forward to your post tomorrow.


lady jane said...

Oh wow. Now I know what I want to do with a cake cover I found a while back for a mere 25 cents. ;o)

I have a number of things I'm selling next Saturday at my 'tag sale'. You've given me oodles of ideas to spiff things up but I fear that Rocky isn't in the same mindset as me. Bless his heart. ;o) I'll be selling them *as is*. Want to come down for a look-see and maybe take some things home? You would do *amazing* things with them. I'm sure of it.

Anonymous said...

So gorgeous you can get rid of them with me! so inspiring for me to paint again !
Beautiful blog too!
Denise Nantasket Beach,Mass.


I always love your treasures! Thanks for the b-day wishes. Sorry to hear you couldn't find the magazine, I think I just got lucky this time. Happy hunting for R.C.
Hugs, Kelly

Anonymous said...

Lots of cuteness! Kristin

Kim's Treasures said...

Hi Rene`!

Everything is so very pretty! Love the cake domes! I have the same entertainment center that you painted white. Makes me go hmmm...maybe I'll paint it white now since it doesn't suit it's place as is now. Great job!


Jeanie said...

I love Gayle's chiffarobe. It's incredible. She's lucky!

Stephanie ~ Angelic Accents said...

Oh, how I love all your painted pieces ~ just lovely. And my fav thing is white painted furniture, so this post is really right up my alley!

Thanks for sharing!

Angelic Accents