Sunday, June 29, 2008

Here with a bang!

Summer, that is!
After all of that wind and cool weather
we've had

it is now officially summer-

It is supposed to be 103 today.

New plan for painting!
I think it is called 6 am-
not my favorite time of day!

We've been to a family reunion
with my husband's family
There were 4 brothers together-
all as ornery as my husband

Gotta love 'em

Boys will be boys!

They just wanted to do this!

I hear there was a bounty for throwing me in


even my son said

I don't think there is enough money to get me to do that...

I don't mind some good fun teasing,

in fact, I miss it from my boys,

but this would not have been fun-I HATE the water!

Earlier in the week,
we hosted a bridal shower
for a sweet young lady from our homeschool group
that we have watched grow up...

yummy food:

lemon cake
chocolate cheesecake

chocolate cups filled with chocolate creme

fresh local strawberries

It has been a busy but good week.
talk to y'all soon,


Candy- A Pretty Home said...

Ohhhh the bridal shower is sooo pretty! Beautiful actually!


Paula said...

Dear Rene',

I enjoyed your lovely summer vintage images and the beautiful bridal shower!!! Everything looked so wonderful! I love the two birds atop the Bible and the Home Sweet Home sign!

You make everything look so pretty!

Have a lovely day and stay cool!

Donna Lynn said...

Hi Rene,
The bridal shower was beautiful, and the cake!!! YUMMY!!! What an honor to see such a lovely young woman grow up and then marry and start her own life, my homeschoolers are doing the same thing...time swings by so fast, doesn't it?? So sad when you think about it too long!

How is the barn coming along?? Is it all done now??? I am still painting ours, been so busy with that and the yard! Been hot here too, but not as hot as 103!!!! Heavens, that must be awful!

Take care,


So pretty, I love all of the vintage images.(I was looking thorugh a few of mine this morning but none are season appropiate right now!!!)
Your weekend and past few days look like fun!!
What yummy goodies from the shower!!!
Thanks so much for my little award. I love your blog too!!!
Happy July 1st!!! (where does the time go??!!)

DebbieCalif said...

Love your photos and the shower pictures were great! Love the chocolate pictures too, yummy.
When you have time, I am having a post wedding giveaway, some white sparkly items and trims.
You have some beautiful ideas for showers, I really liked them!

Cottage Rose said...

I was just at Vintage Girl at Heart, and she had you link there, so here I am. And I am loving what I see. I can't wait to spend more time here. If you don't mind I would like to add you to my blog list. Have a great week and a bang up 4th.


My Shabby Roses said...

Boy, does that food look yummy! It looks like the shower was just beautiful, and a wonderful day for it.