Friday, June 13, 2008

friday fun...

I just love this movie!
Have you seen it?

I love the coloring,
the use of contrasts
and of course the clothes!
The heroines in these movies are
soo kind and devoted to family.
It is beauty and inspiration.

I had a bunch of little things I needed to finish -


Instead of hitting the yard sales this week-

I'm trying to work with what I have on hand

This movie is a 4-part series

just right for getting a lot finished!


lady jane said...

I haven't seen this. I keep meaning to then forget about it until someone (such as you) brings it up and I put it in my memory box again. Problem is, my memory box has a leak. hm.

Heather ~Pretty Petals said...

oh I haven't seen this but am so glad to hear you think it is good, I LOVE historical movies. Hope you get all of your jobs done... :)

xo Heather

heidi said...

hello - glad you're joining in on the show & tell sunday ~ see you tomorrow! xo heidi
ps ~ thanks for the tip,m i'll have to check that one out!

Paula said...

Dear Rene',
We have this movie and loved it!!! It was so beautiful. Have you seen Wives and Daughters? You would love that as well. It is also made from the book by Elizabeth Gaskell.


Daughter of the King said...

My husband and I just finished watching this series two weeks ago. I checked it out from the library, it is all about the clothes, the manners etc...for kind of movie, transporting me back in time to a simpler least in someways.