Saturday, June 21, 2008

ARLENE, the junque' lady...

Yesterday was a horrible day for yardsales-
I don't know if my timing was off or what
but I just couldn't find anything cool...

I was a-needin' something
it had been 2 whole weeks
without thrifting treasures...

So after dinner I asked Curt
if he would take me to Arlene's

I told you about her last week

She is my inside source

my go-to lady

I got my junque' *fix*!

I found this awesome iron bed

for yard art

these old mirror frames

and bed parts

I'm set now with new projects

for the week...

whew-that was close !

there isn't show and tell tomorrow

but I'm working on a post

remember this...

Well, I'll be back tomorrow!

Until then

have a great weekend!


Mrs. MK said...

oh.....neato! Can't wait!


I wish Arlene lived near me! Such good junk. That mirror from a vanity would look so pretty with fabric in it, you could use it like a screen in front of a t.v.That's just the first thing I thought when I looked at it. I'm sure you'll make something pretty out of it. Have fun!

Ele at abitofpinkheaven said...

Oh, wow!!!! How great is that place!

fairmaiden said...

Wow, you found yourself some treasure! I want that iron garden bed!!!! And those mirrors...I can imagine them after you've painted them white, which I am guessing you will do! They will be so Shabby Chic. Glad you had a successful day, afterall.

Alice W. said...

Amazing finds!!! Love the iron bed...stunning!