Tuesday, June 10, 2008

paying a call...

Blogging reminds me of receiving visitors
and returning calls during Victorian times.
You visit me and leave a comment
and then I visit you and do the same.

But I fear, I am soo behind in my return calls-
a total breech in "calling etiquette".

Today the wind is blowing -(AGAIN)-
so I will not be able to paint
so hopefully I can get caught up and return the graciousness!

But until then...

Thank you for all of your sweet comments,
especially about our home

I do know that I am blessed.

Blessed to live in an area of the country where housing is affordable,

and to have found this gem before real estate prices went crazy,

I am especially blessed to have a husband

who shares this love of old houses with me
and is not afraid to work or jump in to do new things...
without him -I'd be in town somewhere-
he really does make my ideas happen!

Thanks, dear!

Have a great day!


rosechicfriends said...

That's it...that really is what blogging seems to be all about. And how I love those Victorian times...could have lived during that day...just with modern conviencese tho...lol. I just have fallen in love with all the wonderful peeps out thar in blogland...and love getting comments back too!

What a gem of a hubby you have too!


Paula said...

Dear Rene',
How sweet! I love the Victorian times and all their wonderful traditions and their excellent manners! The calling cards you shared are just beautiful! I do not understand why our culture thinks of Victorian as a bad thing. I think it comes from a distorted view of history. From what I have read the Victorians were happy and they delighted in their home life, honored marriage and adored their children. Do you ever visit Lady Lydia? She has a very encouraging blog and has written about the Victorians in some of her posts. You can find here at http://homeliving.blogspot.com/

You and your dear sweet husband make a handsome couple! I know you are thankful and blessed to have him as he is you!

The Lord bless you and your family!



Hi Rene,
What a great hubby you have to make your dreams and your ideas come true and it doesn't hurt that he is handsome too!LOL.
Hugs, Kelly

Cindy@Cutepinkstuff said...

You have a sweet husband, lovely home and an award! Rene', I sent you an award you can accept at my blog!

fairmaiden said...

I'm behind on visits and leaving sweet thoughts too. I find one thing I cherish in this blogland is the graciousness of all the women. Lots of grace and kindness.

The winds are blowing in my neck of the woods too.!

Candy- A Pretty Home said...

I love your blog. We have similar tastes :)
Candy Faith

Joanna said...

I just love you blog! xoxo, Joanna

fairmaiden said...

Dear Rene, Thank you for your thoughts and prayers and kind comments left at Sea Cottage over this weekend. It is a beautiful time. My daughter is also praying about 'what's next'. She's in no hurry to leave home. She will still be studying here at home, maybe taking a few classes at the local jr. College. But she really wants to go to the House of Prayer in Kansas City for a worship internship. She has to wait till she is 18 to do that. No rush, no hurry, no worries, no pressure...it is a good thing to wait on the LORD. Bless your Daughter for doing so.