Monday, August 1, 2011

is it too late...

 to make my summer to-do list?

August 1

 2/3 over


 1/3 left?

31 days remaining of  my summer vacation

I didn't make my list
in  June because I was preparing for the sale
in July because I was recovering  from the sale.

But it's been here

swirling in my mind

I am writing  it down
I can choose what is most important to me
to see what I get done by the end of the month.

  • Re-decorate  my girl young-in's bedroom…it's time to make it her space… here’s a peek at what we are starting with

  • make pillows with said girl...for said bedroom

  • order wallpaper for dining room redo…coming next fall
  • plan and do something  extra-special  with my Mr.

  • paint my back door...I have  some ideas…I can’t wait

  • read a book, or 2 or 3…this is what's on the nightstand

  • decorate my newly painted porches (soon they will be  newly painted) this is  what I am most excited about with the new paint job
  • put together a gallery wall for all of these  family photos taken last fall

  • eat dinner on the patio and have  tea on the porch

  • spend a day with my bestie

  • garden...I've missed girl and I have been spending time together weeding, deadheading roses, and I’m likin’ it…

  • paint a few furniture pieces for stuff is always last
  • clean my kitchen and then

  • add some farmhouse details ...and of course, blog about it

  • organize my outside inventory storage spaces
  • get back on the de-clutter train…speaking of organizing...remember this?...I need to get back on get rid of 5 things per day is my goal…this may be a lifelong project
  • host an event will help us to keep going and get the  house finished ...we love need deadlines... 

  • go shopping with my girl(s)
  • learn more about my camera/photography

  • Keep working on my craft room/studio…one of the days years I will get to join the where women create party…which also  means we will get to  eat at the dining room table again

  • Sort through my homeschooling curriculum…this one’s going to be hard, girls
  • Have a fun day/evening with my grandbabies

  • Wash the outside of the windows…to match the new brand-spankin’ clean paint

  • Reserve the right to throw the list out the window if the  Lord brings something else or I get a better offer. 

Whatever you do, work at it with all your heart, as working for the Lord...colossians 3:23


jAne said...

you make me smile.


Brayton Homestead Interiors said...

wow -that is quite a list -bet you'll accomplish it all!
gorgeous photos!!!


Bohemian said...

I'm smiling because your "To Do" List is about as long as mine... good luck with it though, so many outstanding Goals you have... and though you may not accomplish every single one, those that you do manage to see through will inspire you to keep moving forward and realizing that NO, it's NEVER too late for inspiration & action...

Blessings from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian

margits bastelstube said...

oh oh rene, you have soooo much to do (hihi) yeah.....but's wonderful!
and your fotos too !!!
greetings from austria

podso said...

This last line is the best! Quite a list you have, but yes, submitting it to God's plans as well!

from me to thee......... said...

better hurry, just kidding...but, can't wait to see what you do in the girl's room, looks fun!!

Lori said...

I LOVE your list, but most especially the last item. August and I have a love/hate relationship. I love the height of summer with everything green & blooming, but it's a reminder of how much I planned on doing and haven't gotten done yet. Sigh....but I need to stop and smell those roses I planted. RIGHT?

Garden Antqs Vintage said...

Wow, what a list. Spending time with your hubby and family and sitting on your porch sounds just great! That last post about finding the matching gingerbread and is made in heaven story. Just awesome. Happy Day!!

Pamela Gordon said...

Well, Miss Gracie, that is quite a list for the rest of the summer! I hope you do get to accomplish some of it and have fun doing it too. I love your photos! Blessings, Pamela

Ceekay- Thinkin of Home said...

Wow, I need a rest now just reading it! Good luck...I don't think you will get all that done in 31 days...but hope springs eternal!!

Angela said...

Oh girlie, throw that list out the window NOW. Enjoy your last 31 days and if you happen to get a few things done, be thankful if not do not be overwhelmed by it. I can truly speak from experience. I was a list maker all my life until a few months ago. I gave it up cold turkey.Couldn't be happier now. Lots of stess went away. I would make a list every nite before bed.. If I did not complete it, I would arrow it over to the next day and work myself into a tizzy to get it all done along with whatever was on the list for that day. Do the important things and let the rest be an added bonus if you get it done. Live life to the fullest as life is short. I realize that every day as I visit with mother who is now on hospice and just waiting for her journey to end. I wonder if she could tell me, what she would say ....did she do what she wanted to do, accomplish what she wanted to accomplish, fullfill her dreams,,,,,I will never know. But I am striving to live my life as if every day was my last. Enjoy your day, and love your beautiful house for me. You know how I love it.
Thru Nanas Window

Debra @ Common Ground said...

Rene, I started feeling tired there about midway down your list. I like the last part the best!!! Savor each day and enjoy it! xoxo Debra

Crystal Rose Cottage said...

Wonderful photos of your family and beautiful roses! Great post!~Hugs, Patti

mudderbear said...

Whew...I was really getting exhausted so it was good to read your last lines. My goodness. Your list could keep me going for years!! ^.^)

Sandi said...

I LOVE this post and I adore your family photos!!! You can tell that you have a very close family and that is the best thing in the world!!!


Never too late sweetie! I love that you're keeping it real. Makes me feel less alone! :-)


Ido said...

Wow! You sure have planned and organized your summer, wishing that you accomplish all that and more.
Have a blessed day!

Susie said...

Oh I just love your to do list! Why does your list sound way more exciting than my own? Great blog.
The Polka Dot Rose

Harriet said...

I love your list especially the Reserve.Enjoy your post.

Barbara Jean said...

love this post, especially the last part about throwing it all out if need be, for something the Lord has for you.

sweet blessings
barbara jean

Victorian1885 said...

I love stopping in to see your beautiful space. Good luck with your list!

Carole said...

You are smart to make a list. I on the other hand am afraid to make a list.....soooo long.
Love all the photos but especially the one with the family.
You two are such a cute couple!

Amy Kinser said...

Your to-do list with all its beautiful photos intrigues me and makes me want to help you.

I have to ask about the photo with you and all the little children. Precious. Tell me about it, if you don't mind.

Do you still homeschool any of your children?

We just graduated our first homeschooler this year with two more to go.

Do all things as unto Him...God bless you!!

Crystal said...

I'm a list girl too....I just haven't had time to make a summer one this yr!! It's never too late...I'm sure you can check off many many things!!!! I love the satisfaction of checking things off!!! Good luck!!!!

Lady Pamela said...

A very honourable list. Just don't overdue things. Take time to read those books, they look wonderful. I wish you well, my friend.

trash talk said...

Love the closing line. If all else fails...just stand up and turn that tricycle around.

Mrs. MK said...

THAT is one serious list. I hope you have fun getting {some} of it done! Oh, and I need to borrow one or two of those books when you're done with them!! :-)

A Cottage Muse said...

**LOVE** this post Rene!
I made a list...yes I did...and purposely "misplaced" it my first day at the beach!

Marcsi said...

Your pictures are wonderful! I like them very much. it was interesting to read your lines.

saltbox treasures said...

Hi Rene, this can't be just your summer list . . . this would take me a few years to complete :). I love your romantic style and can't wait to see your work as it's completed. I hope you enjoy the process. Your family is a beautiful blessing.
Have a great weekend!
~ Julie
p.s. I now pay to have my windows cleaned . . . it is sooo worth it :).

Found Around said...

You better get busy! I'm hoping our record heat summer is almost over. 111 degrees in Cherokee, TX

Theresa said...

Wow..that sounds like a list I should make! Try not to do too much....
I can't wait to see your house all painted!
As fot the book you should read, I highly recommend Stepping Heavenward. It is a wonderful read. it was one of those life changing books for me and I try to re-read it regularly.
have a great day!!!

Paula said...

Hi sweet Rene`, That is a wonderful list! I hope you can get all you want to done. I love your last line and that is a great attitude to have! You always inspire me so much! I love your gorgeous photos! Your home is absolutely stunning and your family is beautiful… a precious treasure! Love, Paula

Missy @ Chateau Chic Boutique said...

Oh Rene,
I can't believe how much we are alike! You sound so much like me it's funny. I read on someone's blog today that said she thought by posting a picture of some blank signs she was somehow holding herself accountable to get them done in a reasonable time. I had to laugh out loud because I can so relate. There are so many blog posts I put off because I'm afraid of looking like a flake. I actually posted about a giveaway a few months ago and still haven't done it. :/
I really enjoyed your pics of your daughter's bday party. It was beautiful! I'll be praying that you make progress on that list. I usually get in a pretty good cleaning out mode right before school starts. I'm not a spring cleaning kind of gal I guess!
Big blessings to you dear!