Monday, April 20, 2009

We were on...

a Mission.

A mission to clean out the barn.

My husband is re-claiming it!

Can you believe that?

A few of the projects
we are working on for the sale.

But, do I have to sell it?

Please, can't I keep it?

"Why do you need another buffet?"

I don't.

But it's going to be soo cute.

And yes, that is a bathtub in the background.

I have *plans* for that, too.

Who is that masked man?

Only 11 working days left

We are in high production.

or high-stupidity.


Mrs. MK said...

this has to be my all-time favorite post of yours! Great perspective in the first photo, and your signature humor (aka sarcasm!) Love it!

Ember said...

This post is getting me super excited for the sale. I love your sales and can't wait for this one.

Old Centennial Farmhouse said...

OHMYGOSH...exactly WHERE is that sale? I want to come! WOW! Lovely stuff indeed!

Sandi said...

I want to come to the sale!!!! Amazing stuff you are fixing up! Do you prime before you paint over dark wood? LOVE IT ALL!!!!

Just a little something from Judy said...

Like I said before, I sure do wish that I lived close to your sale. I never saw anyone painting everything white. I am sure it will all look so beautiful. I like white. I want to come to your sale.

Becky said...

Men....why don't they understand the need to bond with our finds.
For just a little bit anyway. Sometimes I just go out in my garage and sit and enjoy all the things that I have found.
Is it an illness???? lol
May the Lord bless all your hard work.

The Tattered Cottage said...

Oh my gosh!! Can't wait until sale day! I think I'll camp out so I can be the first in line for all the wonderful treasures!! LOL

jen said...

Oh my word!! Your like me. I have an old rusty tub in our barn too...along with a boat load of other stuff my hubby has been nagging me to get out of "his" barn!! The nerve!!


Maison Douce said...

Oh, my!!! Look at all that great stuff getting all shabbied.... Good luck on your sale!!

solomi558 said...

I,m cottonreel, If only I lived near you, I,m middle England

The Pink Bird House said...

wow, I wished I lived closer to you, I love some of the items going up for sale!! that first picture of yours is just great, a terrific perspective!

Pink Slippers said...

Do you know how many things I would love to buy from you that I just NEED. What a great sale. I wish I lived closer.


Okay, your killing me, I got butterflies in my stomach when I looked at all that good stuff!!! I want to come there for the sale. I really need that round coffee table, I can't find one anywhere!

shelia said...

ohhhhhhhh i wish i lived close so i could come to the sale! i see lots of interesting things that i'm sure my husband would WANT me to have :)

fairmaiden said...

Drooling over that buffet...good~luck!

Molly Mo's said...

I got your postcard and oh how I wish I could go! It's a mother/daughter weekend at the beach with my 14 yr old and as you know, we have precious little time with our teens!
Wishing you the best of luck with the show and I'll be there in spirit, hopefully I can make it to the next one.

The Victorian Parlor said...

Great stuff! I am still chuckling at this post-it made me smile! I have a hard time parting with those wonderful things that I have 'plans' for someday. You definately have a lot of work ahead of you:)

Cindy@Cutepinkstuff said...

Oh my, Rene'! I'm inspired, amazed and TIRED just thinking about all that painting! Your partner in crime is a trooper, too! You two sound like me and my husband when I want to keep something that I should be selling! Wish I could be there buying ALL your treasures AND I wish you could be here on May 9th to shop at The Little French Flea Market where I will be shopping and selling! Details on my blog!

AllyJo said...

I need those shelves and I'll take the bathtub. So much lovliness. It's fascinating to see you all at work, making progress...together as the sweet couple you are.

I love working with my husband.

Barb said...

Mu fella is going to do some spraying for me, first time.
Can you give us any tips?
Kind of paint etc?
barbara jean

Have loved visiting your blog!!!
I'll be back