Wednesday, April 15, 2009

A day of...


I love to set a pretty table

an art I learned from my grandmother

For the place settings,
I used pages from an old music book

I love my *rosepoint* dishes
a collection begun on Ebay

Most of these are treasures
I already had or thrifted.
Like this hat I found
in perfect condition last summer at a yard sale.

It's a good thing Miss G is the cook of the family

or we wouldn't have any food

to put on these beautiful dishes!

We are a team!


podso said...

Lovely! Those rose point dishes remind me of some my mother had--she may still have one platter left. The oval mirror is a good idea! Creative work there.

Rochelle said...

Utterly gorgeous!

Sandi said...

Oh be still my heart! This is just gorgeous! Your pictures should be in a magazine! LOVE it all!
PS I usually end up with a big mess when I start things too...LOL

maryboys said...

how lovely:) i have a knack for finding treasures - but not always for displaying them...this looks wonderful!

Anonymous said...

LOVE your table setting! It is also one of my passions to have a theme and put my time and love into setting a beautiful and unique table for everyone to enjoy. Besides doing that for special occasions, I do that every Sunday for our Lord's Day feasting! I use my best and most beautiful things for the table and make the most sumptious of foods, all to have a foretaste of what heaven will be like when we are there one day. Sundays are our day to taste and experience a little of heaven here on earth to keep us focused on our future eternal home in heaven in it's beauty and glory and deliciousness! Every Sunday we meet in church to worship our living God and join with God's people here on earth and those already in heaven, and the company of angels (Hebrews 12:22-24) and then gather around our table at home to feast together and rejoice in the Lord. My children and grandchildren look forward to the Sunday Lord's Day feasts and it pointing to what heaven will be like.
Your beautiful Easter table setting definitely was a picture of that! Loved the details you chose! They each have meaning and beauty! Great job!

jAne said...

Oh wow, Rene' - you outdid yourself! Your table is beautiful. I love how, in the post before this one, you shared how various things were tried until you came up with the look you saw in your mind's eye.


Cottage Rose said...

What a beautiful table. I just love all the creamy white. Love the hat great find. And the bird cadge adorable...


Becky said...

That looks stunning. I love the idea with the sheet music. Very pretty.

Kathy's Red Door Welcome said...

Your grandmother taught you well. Your table is most lovely. I love the idea of sheet music for placemats. I love all the white, it's so cottagey and pretty.

The Victorian Parlor said...

Absolutely gorgeous!!!

AllyJo said...

Fabulous's gorgeous. I'm jealous. What did y'all eat?

The Rustic Victorian said...

Really lovely,,no really, really, lovely.

Sandra~Romantique Inspirations~ said...

Oh my, my heart is going a mile a minute- I need to take a breather, This is just BEAUTIFUL. I love your style girl and everything you come up with is just delicious. I too, get into table setting, a true art form indeed! You definitely have it!!

Looooooove it Girl-

fairmaiden said...

YOu really do know how to set a table. And it is not over the top at all for me...I think it reflects how much you care for for all whom are attending the gathering. If I we're a guest at your table that it what I would see as I sat there taking in all the loveliness surrounding me. That you care that much! So much love you pour forth...bless your heart.

Barb said...

Oh I love all your treasures. And how clever to use music pagers for place mats.

Wish i could just twitch my nose and gain some of your wonderful talent.

barbara jean