Friday, May 23, 2008

Why do today?

What can be put off for tomorrow?

I am soo bad-
it really takes the pressure

to get me moving.

We are busy preparing

for our daughter's graduation reception.

There really is nothing like a deadline
to get things done.

The parlor hasn't looked this good since ...


Christmas...the last deadline!

Well, anyway, as my daughter says-

"it's what you're best at"

stashing and decorating!

Have a great weekend-

I know there are other moms with graduates out there-

Let's celebrate these blessings!


Deborah said...

Thank you so much for your visit to my place! It's nice to meet you!
I love your parlor - it's perfect!
Congratulations to your daughter and have a wonderful weekend. Hope to see you again!


fairmaiden said...

Everything you touch Rene, turns to beauty, really. I wish you lived nearby and could help beautify our cottage for my daughter's graduation reception. I love the touches in her honor all about your home. It is a wonderful time, isn't it?


Everything in your house looks amazing!!!! The shopping I could do in there!!! I can tell it is a HOME as well with a lot of love in it!!!
Congrats to the graduating girl!!! Well wishes to her for a bright future!!!

Paula said...

Dear Rene'

Congratulations to your dear daughter!

Thank you so much for sharing your beautiful home! You have a gift for decorating and making things so pretty! I love your home and how you decorate! The colors you use are so peaceful, old-fashioned and gorgeous!

Your dear family is very blessed to have you put such time and care into making your home a lovely place to be!


rosechicfriends said...

Rene..your china is just have a wonderful way of doing vinettes. You sound like me, unless someone is coming over, its hard to get motivated. Hope your grad party is a huge success...I have one in 2 I'd better get planning!
Have a blessed day!

Anne Fannie said...

Love your post and the pictures of your dishes are amazing. I especially liked the set from your grandmother when you were only 6. How precious is that?
Love, Ann