Monday, May 5, 2008

...and friends

Here are some treasures from my"friends"

I just love that pink chippy baby basket

this was from Gayle's space

soo elegant

Miss Gracie's Sweet Shoppe

open for business:

lemon bars

chocolate cheesecakes
toffee bars

chocolate cupcakes with raspberry buttercream

And here are some of my wonderful customers

It was different this time

instead of a big rush it was a steady stream

some of my established customers didn't make it

at first I was worrying-

just how are we going to pay for this new roof?

but the Lord brought me new customers:

a dealer from a very cool shabby shop in the area~

I am soo honored that she is putting some of my stuff in her shop

a young girl setting up her home~she was just beaming with excitement

a young mennonite mother buying my child's table and chairs for her little girl

I ended up having terrific sales-

just a little left as a seed pile or to take over to the shop.

I paid for the roof


some left over to go shopping with again !

Why do I worry and doubt?

It was a good time!

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