Sunday, May 18, 2008

All I ever wanted to be...

When I was a young girl of 18
all I wanted was to be a mother

I wanted my children to know
how much I loved them
and even more importantly

how much our God loves them

I have been a mother now for 28 years

It has brought me joy beyond what I thought possible

I have loved the feeding of a newborn baby, the hand of a toddler in mine, hours of reading stories, and the late-night talks with teens about important life stuff.

I have loved working together,

playing together, and

most of all serving our great God together.

It has also brought me much pain.

The pain of infertility, the pain of giving my children away in marriage, the pain of losing much loved and wanted babies, and the pain of watching my daughter suffer.

But God is good, He has blessed me so much. He has given me this awesome opportunity for service. An opportunity to grow in grace and to learn more of the Father's heart.

All of my dreams have come true.

This is how my family spoiled me on Mother's Day

yummy breakfast waffles

flowers from my boys

more roses and chocolate-

(what could be better?)

and a heart-felt love letter

I know this post is a little late,

but I have been pondering motherhood a lot lately.


rosechicfriends said...

Rene...what a beautiful post on being a mother...believe it or not...that was what I always told my mom growing up, "I just wanted to be a mother"...Alas, God had a different path for me to take before he blessed me with my only daughter at 27...she is now 16 and such a blessing to us! I have loved every minute of it too. Like you I was spoiled on mother's Day...isn't that just the best thing ever?!!!

Have a blessed day!

Alice W. said...

Such a sweet tribute to motherhood...reminded me of my own mother...she always told all she ever really wanted to be was a mother. How special for us the children to be blessed with such special women! I love how your family blessed you on mother's deserve it!

lady jane said...

This post spoke to my heart. Lovely.

Donna Lynn said...

Oh Rene!
I loved this beautiful post! Thanks for sharing your heart with us, I am truly touched in mine!
You have such beautiful children and they are so sweet to spoil you like that!
Have a lovely week,
Donna Lynn

Magnolia Street Style said...

That was absolutely beautiful.