Thursday, May 1, 2008

It's a family affair...

Only one more day
it's starting to come together
everyone has been working soo hard

getting the lawn ready

my son, the electrician,
getting me power so
I can hang my chandlelier!

Even the grandsons are recruited

My mom working on her space

getting ready to move in...

I want to post pictures tomorrow evening if I have time
but I won't:)
there is always so much to do
so if if not I'll be back Sunday
to let ya all know how it went!

Have a good weekend...


Donna Lynn said...

How awesome that you are almost done, what a journey you all have been on!! I am so excited for your whole family, can't wait to see as things progress...
Hugs to you!
Donna Lynn


Oh I am so excited for you and cannot wait to see the photograph's of the Big Reveal!!!!
How wonderful that it was a Family Project and everyone pitched in to help. You have lovely children and you look much too young to be their Mother much less a G'ma!!

fairmaiden said...

Best wishes.

I love family togetherness, so I've enjoyed seeing this endeaver of yours as a family affair. Truly beautiful.