Tuesday, May 27, 2008

seniors...a blessing

these 4 girls have grown up together

here they are practicing for the special music

for their gradution ceremony

I lift up my eyes up unto the mountains,

Where does my help come from?

My help comes from You,

Maker of Heaven,

Creator of the earth.

Oh, how I need you Lord

You are my only hope,

You're my only prayer.

So I will wait for You to come and rescue me
such sweet music to this momma's ears

*doing hard things*

I was soo proud of my *girl*
My heart was soo blessed


Donna Lynn said...

What a beautiful girl you have! Please tell her congrats from me, you must be so proud of her!

I also wanted to tell you, your rose china post is just gorgeous...I nearly swooned with envy!!! You don't have to relax your style at all, you have a great display going on in your cabinets!!!!! Lovely things and a lovely room to display them in!

Donna Lynn

Paula said...

Dear Rene',

The music is beautiful and your daughter is beautiful! Congratulations to her and you!

Thank you for your sweet comments on my blog!

How is your dear grandbaby doing?