Friday, June 19, 2009

roses, reality, & other ramblings...

Don't you just love the first bloom of roses?

Beautiful abundance.

LOL about all the comments on *loving* to do laundry now.
Actually, I think it is my favorite household activity.

I love to fold everyone's clothes into their neat piles
and it is one job that I manage to stay on top of.
If you want to know the truth,
what I'm enjoying most about my *new* laundry room
the simplicity,
the ease,
of having a non-cluttered room.

It's been impossible to live these last 2 weeks
without it affecting my outlook on life.

Reality check.

Evaluation time.

Time to *stop and smell the roses*,
tell people how much you love them,
and wonder who else is hurting so much
(that we don't even know about
because we're so busy with our daily lives.)

It's been hard. Really, really hard.

To see someone suffer so much and not be able to

*kiss it and make it all better*.

At times, my husband is barely functioning...his pain is searing.

It was said at the funeral...

there hasn't been a Bert without a Curt...

there hasn't been a Curt without a Bert...

twins are like that.

It has given an all new meaning to being a helpmeet:

Giving a shoulder to cry on~ praying without ceasing,~providing distraction~encouraging from the Word~ *chattering*~ taking his blood-pressure and monitoring his medication~
loving on him.

My husband is a godly man,
who trusts the Lord with all of his heart...this pain is just so gut-wrenching.

I appreciate every single kind word and prayer from you sweet ladies.

My computer time has been limited so I'm very behind on what ya'll have been up to.

Hopefully, I'll start making the rounds this weekend.

Until then,



podso said...

Ah the roses---lovely. May they bring some comfort to your dear husband in his grief.

jAne said...

virtual embraces
tender thoughts
prayer breathed heavenward

bless you all,
jAne at

Tete said...

You have no idea how many souls are praying for you and your family. God has given you such a gift to reach out to so many through your blog and now it's our turn to give something back to you. All I can offer is my prayers and a few words, but God can hold you in His arms and bear your pain for you. Close your eyes. lean on Him, smell his scent and when you all walk out of this valley, you will be stronger knowing this is not forever, but the love is. Rest in Christ.

Jan's Blog said...

I'm sending continued prayers for your husband. I hope he can feel his Heavenly Father's arms around him for they are surely there!!!

As for everything else, I'm in the process of deciding to come live at your house. It would be a sacrifice but I think I'm willing to do it. I wish you were a bed & breakfast just so I could come experience all this in person!

Sweet Old Vintage said...

Rene' ... I feel the pain your family is enduring. My computer time has been very limited with my son's accident but we are working through things also. I also need time to place thoughts together and make blogging sense after we have our trails in life.... We do have many blessings left and need to think of them.. Have a peaceful weekend....

Sandi said...

Oh Rene,
Prayers continue for you and your family directly to the throne of Grace! Praying for comfort for your husband and that God will hold him close in His arms of love.
Your roses are beautiful~

Jean Tuthill said...

I am sorry for your loss. I'm saying a prayer for your husband, I hope that it will bring him some comfort in his grief. The roses are beautiful!

Mrs. MK said...

It makes me happy to see you being for him what Mr. Wonderful has been for me. Life support. All of the time! A job that only YOU can are truly a blessing!

Candy-Faith..... from Simply Pretty said...

Its been a while since Ive been by here!!! Im so glad to have you again! Im back to blogging again now that our new cottage is almost ready for us to move into. Hope you come by sometime :)

Your blog is still so beautiful (just like you!!!!)

fairmaiden said...

Rene, Loveliness oozes out of you...I don't think you realize how beautiful you make things. I can't help but think even the piles in your home are pretty. You see mess, we see beauty.

You are doing what is needed most at this time: loving, caring, gently embracing, and praying. Your tenderness is priceless. YOu are a treasure of a wife. Keep on smelling those delicate roses.

Your laundry room is dreamy...wish mine was such a pretty spot. Some day.