Thursday, June 4, 2009

1 year...

Brogan Walker

We celebrated my grandbaby

Brogan's 1st birthday...

instructions from

the *older and more experienced* cousin

I Love that smile!

carrying on tradition

Uncle Ben's bucking bronco




Gosh, my last post even made me cry.

Well, just keepin' it real to quote my dear friend,* jAne*.

I know that I am blessed to have had such a life

and most of the time I thank God for such sweet memories.

But I just really, really miss those days

and am trying to find my way in this next season.

I am looking for the joy and purpose in today.

Until later,



vintage at heart said...

He is a sweetie pie!!! Glad that his 1st Birthday was so wonderful!

jAne said...

Lately, I've been seeking to live in the moment with my eye on eternity. Not as easy as it sounds as it rolls off the lips. For me, anyway. Yes, keeping it real.

Your grandson (well, all of them and the wee girlie) is all adorableness. :o)

Bless you,
jAne at

Carolyn said...

He is a cutie! You got some great pics of him.
They do grow up too fast don't they?

Denise said...

Aww...the birthday boy is adorable!!


Sandi said...

Awwww what a cutie he is! Just wish we could keep them little... longer. They do grow up so fast!

AllyJo said...

I understand. I'll be where you are in 4 years. One just graduated and I've got a little bit of time left. I'm starting to feel what you're feeling.

You are wonderful and you are needed in this season to make our beautiful and peaceful with your kindness and excellent taste. We love you.

Your grandson is gorgeous. He looks so happy.

Joy said...

What a cutie. Adorable photo's as well. Have fun with the little guy. They grow so fast!

Marie said...

i just recently found your blog, i love it! your grandson is beautiful i know how you feel. we blink it goes so fast. treasure each minute for god gives us such blessings.
marie said...

hi there .... i just recently found your blog n it's nice....

anyway ..... have a happy weekend.... do visit my blog ..... and we can be friend.....