Wednesday, June 3, 2009


and longing for these days :

It was crazy at times.

I was busy,

I was needed,

and I lived my life on purpose.

I was blissfully at home with my life.


Mrs. MK said...

It's a day like that, here. I think of you and remember to enjoy it....all of it!

podso said...

I understand; I miss those days too..maybe the most fulfilling ever!

vintage at heart said...

It goes by so fast and this new world we are living in is sooo different from even 10 or 15 years ago too!!! Even though I still have two at home and a new grandbebe I still yearn for those days too!!!! When they all four were home and all sleepy heads were accounted for at night!

fairmaiden said...

I'm trying to hold on to the tail of them. I really really don't want them to does go to fast. I love being a mama with my little flock all about the hem of my skirt. And holding them in my lap. I'm lucky my youngest still lets me put my arm around him, even in public. He's a sweetie pie.