Thursday, April 15, 2010

the rest of the story...

Here's the rest of my project

I wanted to create a special vignette
for the top of my dresser in my new bedroom.
First, I going to share all of the different elements:
It was important to me to have
special meaning
as well as
*my style*
~that's just how I am~
it has to be pretty

1. My always and forever tag
it was our song
see here for the rest of the story

2. my antique brooch from my grandmother
that I wore on my wedding dress

3. It's been awhile since I've shown this candlestick.
I have 4 of these and they are one of my most-prized possessions.
In our early-married days we were low on Christmas shopping money
my honey made me these out of scrap 2x4's from the woodpile.

I'll keep them always.

4. roses from my dearie

5.this photo...did you do these too?

If you love vintage...I bet you did!
This is a bit off-topic but don't ya love it?
I hope they're not scarred for life
this is just one of these that we had taken over the years.
We've had several done over the years...
this one was *before* we were married.

(shh-don't tell my kids...I'd so be mad if they did this)
But really...what a guy...he should'a run...he can't say he wasn't warned...
I love vintage!

5. my wedding ring and 25-year pearl ring
My guy bought it for me with his little bit of inheritance money from his mother.
At the time, I didn't fully appreciate it because it was during my dark time.
But now I love it...he spent his money on me!

6. and it wouldn't be complete without this
It is the foundation of us...

It took me hours...literally...
to get to where I wanted the arrangement to be...
I won't bore you with all of the tries...

so here it is finished

and here

It's the first thing I see in the morning.

My husband's Cardiologist appt. went well...he did good...the stress test showed the issue...he has atrial electrical problem that causes the rapid and irregular next we go to the *specialized-specialist* to see about getting it fixed...other than that his heart is in good shape!
I feel better!

My daughter is back home...tired and weak from her second surgery
in less than a week and  the excessive blood loss...
She is weak but HE is strong.
The long road to healing is beginning.
I am thankful for her little ones...
what a reason to get up in the morning!

Again, I thank you all for your love and support...I'm trying to get around to visit you all and thank you personally but I *can't* keep up with all of your sweetness:) blogger had issues on couple of those days so some of your comments *disappeared*... I don't know who those were...

Everyone please know how very thankful I am.

I'm joining Cindy today...

Have a great weekend...enjoy the sunshine...I'm going to.
We're going to tackle the pile of the furniture 
I left in the barn last fall.
Can't wait.


It's me said...

I'am glad your husband is well !! and i hope your daughter is better soon !!!

Beautiful done pictures............blessings from me Ria

Hootin' Anni said...

Beautifully done!! And I love the sepia tones to your photo share.

My New Doll -my Show n Tell. I would really enjoy your company if you can drop by to visit me. Hope you're having a terrific Friday!!!

FlowerLady said...

Love the beauty of what you have created from your life. It is very touching and sweet.

So glad your DH's heart is strong.

May your dear daughter regain strength and feel God's love and healing flowing through and surrounding her.

Have a lovely weekend ~ FlowerLady

Renny said...

It's really beautiful! Love all the details.
Greetz Renny

Julie said...

SO precious. I am catching up on past blogs, and seeing you have had a hard time recently even as I was being stretched too. Saying prayers for all your concerns this morning. God truly is our strength when we are too weak to handle everything on our own. What a power source to draw from to keep on going. YES!! Amen.It is comforting to this woman to know HE has promised HE will not let us go through MORE than we can handle.
PTL hugs to you this Friday...

Kim from The Sheep's Nest said...

Rene, what a beautiful display of memories you have put together. I love that you joined it all together in a birdcage. Good news about your husband. Time will heal your daughter. Have a nice and restful weekend. Kim

judi said...

hi rene,
you must have been married in the 80's. always & forever was one song we had sung at our wedding ('82).
love the birdcage cloche and the white treasures inside bee..a..u..ti..ful!
judi ;)

Sandi said...

Beautiful! I especially love the photo with the Bible!

So great to hear your hubby did okay at his appointment. Praying the *fix* goes just as well.

jAne said...

Be blessed by His grace,

Sweet Old Vintage said...

As always lovely..

podso said...

It's lovely and so much thought and care went into it. I also have a pearl 25th anniversary ring! And my husband--atrial fib---so many guys seem to have that as they get older. But he's doing well.

Anne - Fiona and Twig said...

I'll keep your husband in prayer, we want him back to 100%!

And what a gorgeous, so very special vignette you've created there. It speaks volumes to the love and bond you share.

Have a wonderful weekend!

A Cottage Muse said...

Glad the road has turned and things are looking up for you! Your lovely pictures are a great way to say thanks!! Enjoy your weekend!!

Ceekay- Thinkin of Home said...

Hoping your daughte gets her strength back soon. Your display is lovely....I love the idea of the collection....

Debby said...

Absolutely gorgeous and such a beautiful post.

sinnlighet said...

Hallo, Sweden here....

I must tell you, that I love your virtual & image blog!! Amazing mix of pic's & so much inspiration!

Regards from Agneta

Linda Q said...

Gorgeous and the sepia tone photos set it all off so well!
Pretty Blog, glad I found you and will be back!

Liz said...

I love LOVE! your Love Vignette. :)


Ginger said...

What a sweet vignette. So meaningful to you and just beautiful. Very heartfelt.


Paula said...

Dear Rene`,

Thank you for sharing your beautiful heartfelt words and photos! I love the vignette you created and the lovely meaning behind each and every item! I will continue to pray for your husband and daughter. Enjoy fixing up the furniture. Have a lovely weekend! Love, Paula

Paulina said...

Dear Rene, thank you for this lovely inspiring post. God bless you all.

{Bellamere Cottage} said...

Sending you hugs......and I'll be sending up prayers for your husband and your daughter....

Loved your pretties.


shabbyrosetreasures said...

oh my goodness this is breathtaking, i am so happy to find you...if you have a chance stop by I am giving away a free pretty teapot
Hugs, Hugs, Hugs,

Lori Katies Rose Cottage said...

Beautiful beautiful !
I am so happy to hear that your husband is doing well and pray for continued healing for your daughter ~
Lots of hugs

Anonymous said...

Know you daughter is glad to be home and so good to hear about your hubby!

Beautiful photos as usual! I am going to have to do something cute with my birdhouse like you showed!

Lynn said...

Beautiful soothing vignette to wake up to each morning. "Blessings to begin you day" is what I thought when I read this post. Lovely way to begin a day. That is good news that your husband can have the problem fixed and that all in all his heart is in good shape. Keeping your daughter in my prayers for physical and emotional healing each day. I know from my own daughter's experience, one day she can seem so good, then the next day I would receive a tearful phone call. Healing is a process and it always helps when He is part of it.
God bless you and your family.

sepiadreams said...

Beautiful!!! All of it!!! Hugzzz...Tiina...

Martha said...

What a great vignette! I love things that are special rather than just "bought"! -- yours is special.

Hope you daughter is better soon.

Sherry @ No Minimalist Here said...

Oh my, what a beautiful collection in which each hold a special memory. Your photos are stunning. I have just spent some time going through your archives and you have such wonderful collections. Thanks for your sweet note on our venetian wedding.

Pansy Cottage Girl said...

Very pretty. I love sepia toned pictures.

Melly said...

Rene, you are so gorgeous!How beautiful to have a vinigrette that was put together with so much love and sentiment to have such a beautiful romantic soul and I love it!! You are so inspiring you should write a book, you truly should.
I'm so glad to hear your sweetheart has a strong heart and I pray the Lord strength be your daughters, may God bless you and keep you all in good health.
Thank you, Rene, for inspiring me :)