Tuesday, March 2, 2010

too white?

Can I say that here?

I've been busy, busy working on my bedroom.
I'm going for a soft, romantic, vintage look.

I love a warm white.

THINK: whipped cream with a drop of vanilla.

My new duvet cover is from Simply Shabby.

I love the gathers 
but it was a blueish white~white.

I've had this print for a long time 
but never hung it...
it was too white.

My bed was painted off-white
 all one color 
but lacked dimension.

So, what to do?


First, I dyed the duvet with the tea-stain 
from  Victorian Trading Co.
It came out peach...
not what I was looking for.

Back to the washing machine
for a coffee-bath.
That's better.
But not dark enough, yet.
One more time.
Just right.

Next, the print.
I put  leftover morning coffee into a spritz bottle. 
(I think I spray more coffee than I drink)
go at it.
Blot here and there.
Let dry.

Much better...it's even wrinkled.
Definitely got the water-stained, old look.

I was on a roll by now.
Let's work on the bed.
I got out my can of stain
and started wiping...isn't that better?

It really brings out the details of the iron
and adds a new warm color.

Here's a sneak peek of my wall and bed covers..
...it's definitely still a work
in progress.

Remember to check out
all of the rest of the whites for the week...
Thanks, Kathleen!


Julie said...

Oh my your too white post leads me to say you are too good, girl! Everything looks great. It's fun as you reveal a little more of your talent and "eye" for stuff each time. Thanks for sharing with us!

Lou said...

Ohhh Just Exquisite!!!! Totally charming and sooo beautiful!! You are sooooo brave!!! I dont know if I would be game enough to alter those gorgeous things!! But they look positively awesome!! Thankyou so much for sharing that... maybe you have given me inspiration to step outside my comfort zone and give it a try!! Love warm white too!
Hugs Lou xx
PS definitely going to check out the other whites...:)

Sophee-a Laroo Bijoux and Sheri too said...

Yes .....you can say too white here~lol

Great minds think alike..I have been tea staining all day!

Simply shabby chic curtains~too white..they took a tea bath....may need another.

white fabric with pink roses~tea bath!

Do you know I was considering the simply shabby chic bedding too but it is too white for my bedroom as well.

You have given me hope... almost bought the same bedding this weekend,it was on sale at Target. but actually I was going to go a bit cheaper and get 2 sheets and a down comforter and try to make my own duvet...no sewing though.

Have been working in my laundry room....for some reason my USB cord is not working on my camera so I cannot upload my pics.

Your room looks so tranquil and beautiful...you have such an eye for beauty :)

My Shabby Roses said...

Everything looks beautiful Rene'. Great ideas!

Ceekay- Thinkin of Home said...

You are one brave soul...but I like it! Lovely room.

Bella said...

Whipped cream with a drop of Vanilla is....Perfect! The whole bed is perfect! Wow!! I joined your blog, I have to keep an eye on you :-) Bella

Melly said...

Oh Rene', your bedroom is sooooo ramatically dreamy...I love what you've done!! You're such an inspiration :)


BailiwickStudio said...

What you've done looks wonderful! The different shades of white add so much more dimension. ::Jill

Sandy~Romantique Inspirations~ said...

Wow Rene, You always seem to amaze me with your great decorating skills.... I loooooove your bedroom, everything you are doing is awesome. I look around my home, and I'm getting kinda bored with my look.. I think I need a change. I would of never thought of staining the headboard, that looks super. Can you elaborate on what kind of stain you used? Whats the best kind?.... you know that kind of thing.

It's always a pleasure seeing your posts.

Faded Charm said...

Your bedroom is turning out gorgeous. I know what you mean by "too white". Everything looks great with a warmer tone. Great job!

I'd love to meet you at Expo, so please try to find me. I'm not feeling so excited about this show because I'm really trying to just clean out some things I don't want anymore. I don't think my displays are going to be what I want them to be. You know what I mean? Oh well, I need to keep concentrating on getting rid of things. wish me luck.

Take care,


June said...

Rene everything is gorgeous. You have definitely achieved the look you were going for. Just absolutely beautiful, every little bit of it.

junkdreams said...

Your whites look so warm.....gorgeous pieces in your bedroom...I'm sooo jealous!
Happy WW!

Sherry said...

How fantastic! What courage to dye that awesome duvet! But, you did good it looks wonderful!! I just love your room.

EnchantedBella said...

Your room turned out just wonderful. So romantic and relaxing. I love it. I never though tea staining could be so versatile. Thank you


It's me said...

What beautiful done !! all of ihis !!

I love this color more than the white things!!

Enjoy have a great day ! hugs Ria

Can you put a transelator on your blog ??

podso said...

I like your pillow with the photos tucked inside it! And I can't believe you sprayed the picture with coffee! BUT, it looks fantastic. Just shows you have to be bold with decorating! It's fun to see your bedroom in progress!

A Cottage Muse said...

So lovely! Your new looks romantically vintage and inviting. Thanks for the inspiration!

::cottageinstincts:: said...

You are amazing....this has to be the prettiest room on the web. Seriously! Makes my heart go pitty pat! You should open a bed and breakfast....and let me come stay with you :) I'm gonna feature you today on my ::cottage crush::

sissie said...

Your bedroom is one of the prettiest that I have ever seen.
It's like a photo out of an old victorian mansion. I'm in love!
You have certainly gone over the top!
I thought I was already following your blog but for some reason my name wasn't on your list. I am following you now and will be back often.
I was over at Cindy's and she had a photo on her sidebar, so I clicked on it and I'm so glad I did.


sandra said...

How incredibly beautiful your room is going to be!!! I have to say, you are one brave gal...to dye that gorgeous white comforter is gutsy, but to stain your white iron bed??? I have one too, but just don't think I could ever be that brave! Having said that, I gotta tell you, the result is gorgeous!!! Congrats on having the vision to do it!


Rene it looks so beautiful!! I love that you tea stained the duvet cover, I have that one too (;
I looove the print and that frame omg just perfect, you are so talented and your home should be in a magazine!!

Sandi said...

Stunningly beautiful Rene'! I don't think I would ever have the courage to tea stain a brand new duvet though. I would probably ruin it.

Dawn-Hydrangea Home said...

Love what you've done to the bedding and print! Looks beautiful!

Kim said...

You are so brave! It all came out so beautiful. I would have been to scared to do it! Wow! Kim

Lori Katies Rose Cottage said...

Ohhh I just love love what you have done with your whites ~ I am loving creamy whites too and am going to redo our bedroom soon ~
Beautiful !!

www.MaisonStGermain.com said...

OMG how gorgeous everything came out!!!!! You need your own TV show:) I am going to look around my house to see what I can coffee stain:)
Blog: Capers of the vintage vixens

tarnishedandtattered.blogsot.com said...

Love the progress of your sweet room. Funny that we are both doing that right now. Can't wait to see your reveal. I don't know Victorian Trading Co. Is it brick & mortar or online? The print is gorgeous. Lisa

Claudia said...

Warming up the whites makes such a difference! Wonderful


Rebecca said...

I LOOOOOOOOOOOVE it! Can't say enough about it. Divine!


Nice and Easy Antiques said...

Wonderful staining...what a difference it makes. Your bedroom looks dreamy!

Paula said...

Dear Rene`,

Your bedroom is so gorgeous!!! Very romantic and old-fashioned looking! I love how you used coffee to dye the white coverlet, it turned out beautiful!!! I also think the painting looks much better with its spray and dab of coffee! As does your bed with it's tea staining. You did a fabulous job! I love the beautiful pillows as well. I am so happy for you! Isn't it a wonderful feeling to transform a room just the way you want it, and to be pleased with the results?! Thank you for sharing your lovely photos. You always inspire me!

Much love,

The Green Pea said...

Wow! everything looks so great. The room is so romantic and beautiful. All your work paid off. sandi

Betty Jo said...

OMGosh! What super ideas and gorgeous results. My bedroom is just tooooooo white! I adore your room. This is my first WW and I'm so glad to join in and find such beautiful blogs as yours. ♥

Lee Laurie said...

So beautiful! You need to have your own magazine! We would all buy it. Your pictures are always so beautiful! I love your bedroom!

Lee Laurie

Rita said...

You are amazing! I need to go now, I am going to take over my son room, I will move him to the couch. I want your room!

Zuzu said...

A work in progress? What more could you possibly do that could improve on this, Rene'?!? I am in LOVE with everything you've done!

I mix coffee w/ watercolors - there isn't anything coffee can't improve on! :)

It's all so very beautiful! KUDOS, APPLAUSE and HUGS!

Pat@Back Porch Musings said...

Absolutely beautiful! You've given me some wonderful ideas.

Catharinas Living said...

What a lovely blog you have!
So creme white and romantic.
Your picture are so beautiful.
I hope it`s ok that i joined your blog.

Cheryl~ZanyMayd said...

Oh My Goodness, It is All Beautiful..... I Loved all the original Whites, but now it has more Character ~ Great Job

nathalie said...

waouhhhh i love all...i love the spirit of your blog, the shabby chic...waouhhhhh...im nathalie from chinerdslefroid.canalblog.com

have a good night

Amy said...

i love how you kept us guessing
you are very talented
Came out to perfection

Rochelle said...

Oh Rene.....S*T*U*N*N*I*N*G* is the word for your bedroom retreat! I just love the look! Tell me....when you go to bed at night do you smell "coffee"?? tee hee

The Decorating Diaries said...

Love it all! I'm a tea-stained kind of gal.


Candy said...

Oh My Gosh! absolutely gorgeous. From the headboard to the picture and down to the linens, you are on a roll girlfriend. Love the boards behind the bed. And the pillows are totally...loved that you shared the how to's. Definitely going to help me with my own bedroom redo. Ideas still bubbling in my head.

Gretchen said...

Oh, my you put me to shame for sure. Wow, you are so talented and smart to do this. Crazy awesome outcome. Just beautiful!
Thanks for sharing your secrets to some of your success. The look is so great, and now seeing the after, I do believe there can be a too white. lol
Excellent photos as well. Just chalk yourself up to having another avid follower.
Thanks for the visit to my site earlier in the day. I'm a newbie to this partying at the blog world, and am I ever enjoying myself.

The Swedish Room said...

Hi Rene,
I love the bedroom it looks great. I love all the white. BTW don't you love Simply Shabby Chic.
The Swedish Room

Carolyn said...

It is all beautiful! I love to visit your blog to see what you are up to=always inspirational.

Donna Rafferty said...

OMG Your bedroom is SO gorgeous! I absolutely love it!

My hubby would never go for the look or I'd be looking for some shabby white bedroom accessories!

Happy White Wednesday!

Rose ~Victorian Rose ~ said...

Holy SMOKE...looks like the beginning of the last century...it's PERFECT...just perfect. We have two beds that are the creamy while color...and I would love to be brave enough to do this to them....maybe I just will have to.

Rest of the room turned out wonderfully...the beaded board is to lay across a railroad track for ( almost)....Rose

fairmaiden said...

Thud! Just Gorgeous...I am so impressed...I would never know how to do that. The white back boarding and rose picture is gorgeous gorgeous!!! I have a red rose comforter by Waverly I bought from Target about 9yrs. ago that I really want to fade but don't know how to do it. Any suggestions?

...Miss...Maddie's... said...

Just perfect Rene.
The difference is soft, gentle, well loved, most fitting for a bedroom.
Susan x

Liz said...


First of all your pictures are lovely and second of all I love anything tea stained! I have never tried the dye from VTC. I just use tea bags. Your room is just beautiful! Can't wait to see more! :) I love your description: whipped cream with vanilla.


suzyq said...

What a beautiful bedroom - I would never get out of bed if this were mine!!

Marla said...

Grace, I absolutely love your bed and the colors are just lovely, I would never have the courage that you do with changing your picture with coffee and such, that is wild. I do admire your fashion sense. Thanks for stopping by my blog and commenting on my vintage pitchers and silverware. Hope you'll be back. I will be following your adventures after today. Smiles, Marla

Sweet Old Vintage said...

LOVE LOVE LOVE what you accomplished.... wow

thepaperroSe said...

Beautiful! Coffee is good in a cup OR on the wall!!!

Doni said...

Rene' it's just gorgeous! I love the coffee dyed duvet and the pillows just are awesome. Great job with the bed too and that print is perfect. I love it~! Wish it was here!!! Lovely blog!

Anne - Fiona and Twig said...

Coffee in a spritz bottle??? Who knew? Certainly not me. That is simply brilliant! I'm going to try it ASAP!

Your warm whites look just lovely!

Have a wonderful Thursday!

Tasha said...

Ohh, it's looking so good! Can't wait to see it finished and in person! :)

Debra@Common Ground said...

This is absolutely gorgeous, love all the coffee dying going on. All the warm whites look wonderful together. Wow, you were brave to put that duvet into the dye. Turned out great.

Lynn@ The Vintage Nest said...

Oh Miss Gracie! It's fabulous! Love it! I am working on my bedroom too...not all whites but lots of white. The bed coverlet arrived yesterday and now I am waiting for the bed ruffle....can't wait! Happy White (late) Wednesday.