Thursday, March 18, 2010

let's dance...

Did you know 

I live in a house full of sports nuts?

 I do.

( I wasn't sure you knew that 
with all of the fluff and pretties going on around here)

Today is an eagerly-awaited day.
The day that March Madness begins.
Known as the big dance.

It is a family event.

We  have *brackets*.

We get together 

to watch, to cheer, and to eat yummy food.

The families with the 2 remaining teams 
in the championship game 
get to pick what dessert our Miss G will make...

GO West Virginia!

We did a little internet research and did you know?

1. Basketball was invented in 1891. by James Naismith, a clergyman, educator, and physician in Massachusetts.

2. There were originally 9 players on a team.

3. By 1937, the ball lost the laces...helpful for dribbling, don'tcha think?

4. The *baskets* were peach baskets 
attached to the wall?

I didn't.

Now, I do.

How else are we supposed to watch basketball 

during the day and call it history?

I know it is the men's college championship
these are girls.

Their uniforms are cuter...


Bella said...

Great Collection of Vintage Girls Baskeball pics, those have to be hard to find! I love the giant bows in their hair :-) Bella

salmagundi said...

We're big basketball fans, too. Enjoyed the pictures! Sally

Rita said...

What a fab collection of vintage photos. Love them all.

sissie said...

Go Mountaineers!
My husband is about to lose his mind worrying over the Mountaineers.
He is a true sports nut.

Love the photos.


Rug Cottage said...

Loved your post.
I used to play 6 on 6 girls basketball in Iowa during the late 70's and 80's. It's long since gone to 5on5 like the guys. I believe the guy who "invented" basketball was Naismith. In college I played on a team named after him.

Love your blog,

Doni said...

How funny! We laught now at their costumes, hairdo's, and shoes with STOCKINGS, but don't you know our own grandkids will laugh at OUR outfits of tight shorts, Farah hair, and high socks! Great pics! I'm still drooling over your WHITE Shipment last post....oh how beautiful! LOVING those pics!!!

Rose ~Victorian Rose ~ said...

Being from INDIANA...I know about the "BIG DANCE"....that's for sure.

Love the vintage uniforms.


raggygirlvintage said...

Sounds like fun! How did they ever play in those outfits!!

Sweet Old Vintage said...

I live in the house with one fan... but believe me he is enough for a houseful... I love it but as he does... He went to the Big Ten Tournament last week.. Course to watch Ohio State... I love the olf vintage photos....

Paula said...

Dear Rene`,

Such a sweet post and so interesting! I love the vintage photos! Yes, their uniforms are much cuter!

Love, Paula