Thursday, March 25, 2010

instant age...

Here's one of my bedroom projects

I've always loved Harrison Fisher's romantic artwork.

This  series is one of my all-time faves...

 a vintage copy for sale on ebay

I love the story.

I love the romance.

 I  love the purpose.
A few years back I put together one of my own.

1. I found a complete set of vintage postcards on ebay.
2. I. found a new frame at TJ Maxx with a 6-opening mat.
3. I added the little corners to the frame to add more detail.
4. I painted the frame and mats in my shabby white color.

I've had it this way for a few years 
but with my new room it was too white 
and not vintage-y enough

out came the coffee and stain again

I glazed the frame 


sprayed the mat with coffee 
so it would look like water-stains.

Here is the finished project...

this corner of the room

is almost finished...

Last time I posted about using stain and coffee...

I had you all fooled into thinking I  was *so brave*.

not brave

impulsive, maybe.
Seriously, though...

I know 


I can fix it

 if I don't like it.

Paint and Oxy-clean 

are my friends...

Thanks to Cindy
My Romantic Home


Lori Katies Rose Cottage said...

I love it ! that is sooo perfect !

Annesphamily said...

Gorgeous!I am amazed at all the talent I know! Makes me feel so special! You did one heck of a beautiful job with this! I love this room!

Diane said...

That is just beautiful, what a talented one you are, just the perfect touch in the bathroom above the claw tub!
I am having a Easter Candy Cup Giveaway.
Stop on by for a chance to win!
Join the Fun

Hugs, Diane

Linda said...

This turned out just lovely- thanks for sharing your technique!

Amy Kinser said...


Melly said...

Rene, it's just lovely, I love the romance, simply beautiful!

vintage girl at heart said...

Oh so perfectly lovely and soooo Miss Gracie!

Paula said...

Dear Rene`,
I love all that you have done! The staining is lovely. I have the same entire set of artwork that I found at an antique store. I have it matted and just need to find the frame! It is beautiful and I love the story too. Thank you for sharing your bedroom makeover. I can hardly wait to see more!
Love, Paula

Rochelle said...

This is so perfect for your "new" room!

tales from an oc cottage said...

Love it! I have the same I will have to kick it up a notch!

m ^..^

Rebecca said...

GASP! You amaze me. Now...I'm going to hunt down the glaze you use on one of your old posts. I'll find it, right?


Anonymous said...

I love what you did to that gorgeous frame!! Coffee! I use Old English Scratch cover to age- had never thought about using coffee! Really like how you aged the matte also!!

I have enjoyed re reading some past posts on you home and am wondering if you decided if you are going to paint the trim in your dining room or not? I am having to make the same decision and would love to paint it white but want to keep the old look of the house too. Just wondering what you did!

bee blessed

Ceekay- Thinkin of Home said...

I love it! I am beginning to love that stained look.

Paulina said...

It looks fab :o)

Diann @ The Thrifty Groove said...

It turned out wonderful!

{Bellamere Cottage} said...

Love that re-do!

Great bloggie too.

Warm blessings,

Cindy ~ My Romantic Home said...

It really does look like water stains! Very smart!!!

It's me said...

So beautiful love it beautiful done!!

Have a great weekend ...with lots of sun............come to visit my blog.i have a give away......hugs from!

Kim from The Sheep's Nest said...

I love what you did with the series! I have this same series hanging over my bed. I remember when my oldest daughter was just learning to talk she would point to each picture wanting to know what it said. Great memory.

Anonymous said...

Love it! My hubby looks a little worried when I start mixing coffee & watercolors - but when I need that special aged look, there isn't anything better. I just have to remember to drink the coffee w/ cream & sugar instead of the "art coffee". :)
Enjoy your day, Rene'!

Lee Laurie said...

Omgosh! It looks beautiful!

Lee Laurie

Anonymous said...

Wowo....i have the same size and shape frame with the six photos in it too...but it's black and plain and I'm tired of it!
you have suddenly inspired me to do this very thing....instant ageing! how brilliant of you to add those ornate detailings to the corners!

wonderful, wonderful, wonderful!
thanks so very much!
i need to see this!

ciao bella

Liz said...

Dreamy! Love it!


June said...

Rene' I love how everything you touch turns beautiful! And I am lucky that I have some of your beauty in my home.

Sweet Old Vintage said...

I am loving wgat you are doing in that room...

Susan said...

Very beautiful!! I love it and the photo of the doll and quilt is so wonderfully gorgeous!

Rose Garden Romantic said...

I love that artist! I didn't realize there was a whole series that told a story! So sweet and so romantic! I love how you have aged the matte and frame! You are so clever!

Doni said...

You have done a marvelous job, not only with the picture and the aging process, but the whole room project! Love it! Thanks for the steps in the procedure...I think I could do that!

Rose ~Victorian Rose ~ said...

Very nicely done....and really like the fancy corner idea...can you tell me where one could find those corners...I have a project that I would like to use something like that for.

Youa are a talented lady.


Julie said... It. Enjoyed your post on your creativity and ingenuity. Everything in all the pics is beautiful. Love the vintage romantic look or your treasures.
I know you had fun with all of that. And I'm glad you shared it with us out here in bloggy land.
Keep em coming.

Debra@Common Ground said...

No, Rene, you are still brave, love the look of the mat and frame! Just perfect for your "new" room! have a wonderful weekend!

Rita said...

Dear Rene,
love your creativity and the result is amazing. it's adding such a wonderful romantic touch to you alrealy romantic and chic room.
thank you for sharing the coffee staining technique. didn't now you could also use it for frames and other supports besides fabric!!
I'm going to steal it first thing tomorrow as I bought a way-too-white frame that seems out of place wherever I attempt to place it.
Have a fab sunday

Sherry @ No Minimalist Here said...

Gorgeous...and I never would have thought of using splattered coffee.
Thanks for the idea!

Lynn said...

Oh my! I love your coffee glaze. Harrison Fisher's romantic photos and post cards! Oh you are right, the ROMANCE! You gave me inspiration. Months ago I bought a RED picture frame that had clear glass door knobs and I painted it white (actually my hubby did as he is retired and I am still working until Sept 30! So since he had the time he did me a huge favor) Anywho, I have 3 spaces for "something" and nothing seemed to fit. Harrison Fisher's photos would be stunning because my home is very romantic. Have to check ebay and also go back and find how you did the coffee glaze. I love the "flakes" in the glaze against the white. Stunning work, you are very talent and coffee and tea bags are a stable! I love your blog.

Barbara Jean said...

Oh my!!!

This is all sooo beautiful.
I have not been by for awhile and have really been missing out!!

Thanks for the tips on doing the aging. I still think you are brave. =)


barbara jean