Wednesday, September 9, 2009

working in white...

We spent the weekend
working on projects for the upcoming sale.

This is what the driveway looks like
when we get serious about painting.
Everywhere you look there is something to do.
Gotta love those treehouse shots!

These chairs are some of my favorites.
There is a matching table.

All of the details

And just for fun
I had to add in some pretties.

It's been another fun White Wednesday.
Check out all of the wonderful whites
See Faded Charm for the links.
That list is getting really long.
I think I'll start at the bottom this week!


Sandra~Romantique Inspirations~ said...

Wow Rene, this is a lot of work... I did notice from your other post awhile back you have a spray paint sprayer... how do you like that? I've been thinking of getting one so I don't have to do it by hand. I have painted almost everything in my home and for the bigger projects I think that would be a good thing to have one.

Take Care and I hope you do well for you opening-

Cami @ Creating Myself said...

That's not a driveway...that's a parking lot! ;o)

So much work...gotta love a paint gun though, huh? I recently bought one & am amazed at how much time & work it saves on even the small projects.

Peonies & Magnolias said...

Beautiful furniture and I love that barn. Hope your sale is a huge success.


Denise said...

My goodness! That's a lot of white there! I wish you loads of luck at your sale!


My Shabby Roses said...

Boy, I am jealous of all the wonderful space you have to paint. I'd been in paint heaven. Everything looks wonderful. I hope you sell "big time" at your up coming sale.

common ground said...

You have a fabulous set up. a real shabby white assembly line. Love it. and you chairs are wonderful!
Have a great show!

Nice and Easy Antiques said...

We hope all the hard work pays off!! That's just some serious painting!!! Lovely pretties!

Lady Pamela said...

Beautiful photography. I would love to come to your sale, I am pretty sure it would be a very long drive from here though

Wizard of Was said...

Very, very impressive! Wow what a lot of work you have done. And I know behind the scenes there is so much to do to get ready for a sale. Do you have it in the barn?
Good luck and be sure and take lots and lots of pictures for us!
My Best

Just a little something from Judy said...

I can't imagine that you won't have a mile long line waiting to get in. I would be there, right near the front of the line. What beautiful creations! The chairs are perfect for my table. Wish you the best with your sale.

June said...

Oh boy Rene, you have been so busy. Everything looks so beautiful. I know that your sale will be a huge success. How I wish I could come. Some of those pieces should be in my home with some of their kindred, don't you think?
Have a great sale,

The Whispering Creek House said...

This is so funny! You are serious painters! I love the photo of the barn and allll the white furniture! wow well done!

Sandi said...

All I can say is BEAUTIFUL!!!!!
Love your whites!!

Cindy-Stitches-N-Stuff said...

What an amazing sean to look at. What a job. Very beautiful though.

come visit

One Shabby Old House said...

I just wish I could say to you ....Put a price on it and I will come and get it all!!
What an inspiration you are. I got ideas just from the bed on buckets and the chairs set up the way you did. Someone is very smart.
No gravel on your furniture
I just love the farm sale idea. Maybe on day. Good luck with yours.
God bless your little creative socks off!

Faded Charm said...

You take the best photos. I just love them. Some of my finials I've gotten on Ebay. They do seem hard to find around here. Thanks for all your nice comments.

Take care,


Anne~fiona and twig said...

Amazingly beautiful whites! That aerial shot of the barn and furniture is what Heaven must look like, don't ya think?
So glad I found you, I'm now a follwer!
~ Anne

Barb said...

Absolutely amazing what you get done!! And all so beautiful, and definitely white!!
And what a great system for spraying some of those things...
up on buckets, boards going thru chairs and all.

If i ever get a sprayer, and place to do it, i'm making notes of this.


barbara jean

Barb said...

Thanks for coming by and leaving a comment.

Where is the big sale??

barbara jean

Ruby Grace's said...

Oh My! All this white looks like I am in heaven! Wonderful stuff, but I am tired for you just looking at it.

fairmaiden said...

It is all so pretty...even the barn. Those chairs remind me of a harp. I hope you sell tons...wish I was local and could come.

Donna Lynn said...

Good gravy, that is a ton of work, it looks amazing from the tree house for sure!

Hope all is well with you and your family, missed you and your posts a bunch!
Donna Lynn

Duchess of Tea said...

Simply divine. Darling, have a lovely weekend.

Love, Hugs & Tea
Duchess ♥♥♥

Cindy@Cutepinkstuff said...

Beautiful, Rene'! Love it all especially the tree top shot. You have gorgeous items and all your (and hubby's) hard pays off. Is it still fun? I always vow that it all ends when I stop having fun. How about you?

The White House of Parkville said...

I just found your blog and I love it. We have similar lives!!! I'd be so interested in coming to your sale on 09.25.09. Can you send me info on where you are located! Thanks so much, and look forward to meeting you. Rhonda