Thursday, September 24, 2009

almost there...

The bones are in to accesorize!
I've gotten my second wind...this is FUN now.
Of course, I could NOT sleep last night

I was so excited and had so many ideas swirling...


jAne said...

my goodness! such beauty. i want to live in that structure where the furniture is housed. :o)

tickleberry farm

Rebecca said...

Just Lovely....I want to live there!


Carolyn said...

It is all so lovely. i am glad to hear I am not the only one who can't sleep some nights for decorating ideas going through my head.

Wizard of Was said...

No matter how we tell ourselves that we're finished with this no sleeping thing before a show...yeah right, it's just in our blood girl...Like my girls tell me, you'll just do your sleeping and crashing after the show, Mom so why fight it! They're right, but I always start off before each show saying I'm going to turn over a new sleeping and eating correctly...that lasts about a half a day.Ha Ha Good Luck and have a very successful sale!
Everything looks so amazing, even without your smalls yet in place!
My Best
PS be sure and take loads of pics!!!

Wizard of Was said...

I know you're really really busy these days, but when you have a moment, head on over to my blog and pick up a surprise!
My Best

rosechicfriends said...

Hi Renee'!!!
It's been so long since I have checked in with you! OH MY...I sure wished I lived closer cause I would have LOVED to come and see your sale! WOW..I know all the work that goes into doing one of these types of sales. Hopefully the $ rewards were worth it!

I also saw your precious 3-some! Oh could a year have already gone by? They are just darling and I am sure you are loving it BIG time.
I have one very precious dd who is a Sr this year turning 18...she is GOD's miracle child if there ever was one! I so understand infertility! But if GOD gives them to you they are a wonderful GIFT, that is for sure!