Wednesday, September 23, 2009

guns and roses...

I've had a lot of you ask about my painting technique'
For this WW post
I thought I would show you how I get all of this white.
First, I have to say I *cheat*!
My DH is a professional painting contractor-
He has the brains and the brawn a good deal of the time in this operation.

I have the *vision*.
Which means I see it, I buy it and then He helps me do it!
But when I paint I use these guns.
They are professional painter's guns.

One for primers, one for top coat and one for clears.

See these knobs?
Don't know what they're for.
Don't want to know.
Believe me, DH has tried to tell me.

Just hand it to me in working condition.
Yes, they do plug up.
A lot.
Let me pull the trigger and I'm good to go.

DH is my maintenance guy, too.

Am I sounding spoiled, yet?



When we need to be in high production

(like now)

We pull out the *big* gun.

His airless (that he uses for painting houses)
Even faster.
Even better.
1.The first and most fun step is finding
a unique piece...the one that calls my name...and I just have rescue it!
I loved the legs, doors, and size of this little cabinet.
And the price was right, too,
Just $5.00

2. Next is probably the most important step: prep!

I sand, clean and repair as needed.

3. I almost aways use:

oil-base primer,

then a quality acrylic paint,

(distress here),

and finish with a clear coat.

I started clear-coating after we were eating dinner
for the the first time at my newly-painted table.
I was a nervous wreck ...(in my defense it was spagetti.).
I want my products to be clean-able and use-able.

4. I love to use these Rose Appliques'...
I don't too often as they are kind of spendy
but they
do add such a nice touch.

Here is the finished cabinet
I love how it turned out.

I pulled a few more photos of some of my favorite pieces.

Have I ever mentioned how much

I love the transformation process?

I wish I took more *before* and *during* pics to show you.

With all of the busy-ness of these days; I needed to de-stress.

I thought to myself...I'm going to take a few minutes and just do the part I love.

Do you know where I ended up?

Right there in my driveway,

puttering on one of the (many) un-finished products,

paint gun in hand.

Until next week,



stefanie said...

your blog is gorgeous, so glad i found you, have a wonderful day

jAne said...

I love how your husband cares for you in readying up the paint guns and I understand perfectly the desire to *not* want to know the intricate workings of machinery. ha!

That cabinet's transformation is nothing short of fabulous. I'd love that piece in my home. Do you deliver? ;o)

Transformation process. Hm. Like our heart's tranformation while walking in Christ. There's cleaning, scrubbing, painting, sanding - sometimes over and again - to achieve the desired effect by our Lord. <><

jAne at tickleberry farm

Sandi said...

Oh my goodness! I don't think I would enjoy the process because I don't have professional paint guns. Although my hubby does spray professional cabinets with clear coat so maybe I could enlist his help! :)
BEAUTIFUL remade items!

Rebecca said...

It all looks so lovely...
Thanks for sharing

One Shabby Old House said...

Hi Rene,
Wow,you two are some serious painters. I would love to try the guns too. I have always used wax for my sealer. What kind of clear coat do you use? I tried on a while ago and it turned yellow. Any tricks to that?
Great post and so helpful

Pauline said...

Those are very serious-looking paint guns. You do some great work using them. I've only been brave enough once, to spray paint a photo frame...using a small can, lol. I was pleased wit the results though :o)


Anonymous said...

I only have one paint gun but love it- how much easier it would be to have 3 though!!

Barb said...

Wonderful pieces!!

barbara jean

Anonymous said...

Thank you Rene for sharing how you paint. Your pieces are beautiful!
I didn't know that you could use an acrylic paint over oil-based paint. I will try that with my next project.
~Christine Sangkachand

Robin Ennis Willson said...

How gorgeous! I'd never be so brave...but I do have an old dresser that I want to may have inspired me to get going on it!

June said...

Hi Rene,
I enjoyed seeing the process that you do to create the magic. And it is magical, what you do with a piece of furniture.

Rose Garden Romantic said...

Paint guns! So that is your secret weapon!! :) I want one!

The Rustic Victorian said...

Oh I want a husband like that! The right sprayer is good too. The finished pieces are just beautiful.

Gracie said...

Hello Rene(Gracie)
I am Gracie too, well really Tracy, but the good Lord has bless me with a good husband with a great last guessed it G.
We seem to have a bit in common,I aslo like to gather up things that are weather and restore them to the best of my ability,and I too have 3 beautiful grandchildren...not triplets mind you, but 2 boys and a girl from my sweet daughter.I shall follow so I can get to know you better.Please stop by for a visit at A Touch of Grace.

thepaperroSe said...

we finally invested in an airless money every spent! Love everything you do.....BEAUTIFUL...and BEAUTIFUL grandchildren....3 times the blessings.

fairmaiden said...

You do work hard to create such beauty. I am amazed at what you do. My hubby helps me with all my visionary projects too. I see it, he does it! We need our men don't we?