Wednesday, July 29, 2009

white wednesday...

This week I thought
I would show you

my second favorite piece

that I have painted.

My piano:
This one was easy.

Isn't she grand?

But, not always so.

I found her at the music store;

they had *rescued* her from a local public school.

It had "T loves J" and the likes carved into her.

She has the most amazing

carving and details.

But what I love best of all

is the sweet music that she brings to our home.

( I don't play but my girls do.)

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Joan@anythinggoeshere said...

It is wonderful that the piano has found a home with you. And She looks wonderful white. So many of these pianos meet a much unhappier fate.

Sandi said...

The piano is gorgeous!! Love all the carvings and detail. You did a wonderful job painting her.

sandra said...

What an incredibly beautiful piece of history! Oh my, she is just gorgeous, and I love that children have carved into her. Love the way you decorated her with gorgeous laces! White Wednesdays are wonderful!

June said...

Oh Renee, this is one of my very favorite pieces. There is nothing prttier tha an old upright piano in white. Just beautiful!

Mary said...

Oh, Rene, the piano...there are no words. Never in my life have I seen a white piano, and to see this one, that you have so lovingly restored and adorned with beautiful accessories is amazing! You have got to love watching your girls as they bring forth the music from it's strings! And yes, please, please, send Mr. Reagan's speeches to as many people as you can, and ask them to pass them on. We need to know what it SHOULD be like! God bless!

Nice and Easy Antiques said...

I have to send my Sister over, this might be solution to the piano in her living room that nobody plays!

Barb said...

That seems like a huge project to me.

It is so very beautiful!!
Thanks for showing us.

Barbara Jean

Sandra~Romantique Inspirations~ said...

Rene, You did it again showing the most beautiful things. My mother had a piano with so many great details and the wood itself was gorgeous. I had a chance to get, but I didn't at the time thinking the wood would not go with my other things, so I didn't get it. Now I wish I could go back and had excepted it, but my sister In-law has it, and now is divorce from my brother. I think I would squeeze it in somewhere and paint it if I was able to get it. Back then I never thought of painting so many things like I do now. Darn It!

It is always a pleasure seeing your beauties!


Cori G. said...

Be still my heart!!! May I come and worship at your piano stool too?! She is grand indeed, but is she indeed a grand? She is so lovely Rene` and the best part is that she still plays. I have been looking for one of those for years, but every time I find one the price is too steep. You are one lucky girl!!!

xoxo Cori

Cori G. said...

Here I am again Rene. I was wondering what shade of white you use on your pieces. It's so soft.

xoxo Cori

Blondie's Journal said...

What a large endeavor you took on painting this piano, but it was well worth it. She is stunning!! And you are right, the carving and detail is lovely! And the best part of all~your home will be filled with music!!

Just love your blog, Rene! Have a wonderful week! :-)


Faded Charm said...

Beautiful pics! I'm so glad you joinined in on all the "white" fun. I am doing Molly Mo's sale. Do you live close by? I'd love to meet you if you can make it.


Jean Tuthill said...

That piano is beautiful and like you said, she has beautiful carvings. I always wanted to learn to play piano but never had one to use. Oh well, I still don't have one! haha

Rose Garden Romantic said...

So beautiful~!!! I would love a piano and to have someone who knows how to play in the house, of course!

Rebecca said...

The piano looks fabulous...they are heavy aren't they! Have a wonderful week

Sweet Old Vintage said...


Cindy@Cutepinkstuff said...

Great addition to your home. Our piano was lonely at a thrift store and after a bit of white paint and appliques, it's loved once again! Our daughter plays and gives lessons in our home so we hear music all week long! Thanks for stopping by. FYI, southeast Idaho, Idaho Falls, Blackfoot, Shelly, Pocatello. . .

Just a little something from Judy said...

You have a magic touch! The piano is so beautiful!! I love seeing the way you can tranform into "must have one like it" pieces.

Stella said...

How lovely that you saved her from the scrap pile. She is beautiful and it is wonderful she still makes music. Your eye for beauty is incredible.

Donna, The Decorated House said...

That piano is so pretty! The details really made it special. And you are lucky that someone plays it.

Cindy Adkins said...

Oh wow, she's gorgeous!!! And so wonderful that she has found a wonderful place in your home~

Vintagesouthernlife said...

Your piano is just gorgeous! I learned to play on one like it but it wasn't nearly as pretty.

Connie said...

Fabulous piano!